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What is Vinny doing now from American Chopper?

What is Vinny doing now from American Chopper?

His business is now called DiMartino Motorsports Automotive and Truck Repair — a little less flashy, but it puts food on the table for him, his wife, and his four children.

Why Did Vinny leave American Chopper?

Vinnie packed up his work station while filming an episode of American Chopper. Speaking to the camera, he expressed that he had been frustrated with the frenetic pace of the work, as well as the limited opportunities for growth within the company, and ultimately decided to put in his notice.

Does Vinnie still work for Paul Jr Designs?

“Nothing against them, but it was time to move on.” However, Vinnie rejoined American Chopper in 2010 as part of Paul Jr. Designs will still running V-Force. Today, Vinnie runs DiMartino Motorsports Automotive and Truck Repair, a garage that services and repairs cars and trucks.

Is OCC still trading?

The facility has been closed since March. Seventy-five percent of their retail business is international and that was cut off. It was time to think about what to do to survive. At a bike show at the TradeWinds Island Resort in St.

Is Orange County Choppers still in business today?

They now operate in St Petersburg on the western coast of the state where their business has now expanded into a sort of “country club” for motorcycles, which helps explain the move. Next to their premises is a Harley-Davidson dealership and the Roadhouse museum.

What does Jason Pohl do now?

Today, Pohl works for Dassault Systèmes and is a Brand Ambassador for SOLIDWORKS. Luckily, people can still keep up with his latest designs and work on his social media pages. As a father of three, he’s certainly got his hands full, but it’s nice to see that he’s still out there enjoying doing what he loves.

Does Jason Pohl still work at OCC?

Technically, Jason, 37, is still employed by OCC — his office was mentioned in a recent episode — but it is also true that he has had dramatically less screen time. However, you can keep up with Jason’s designs on Instagram, where he recently got some help from his son, Maxton.