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What is Vertimec used for?

What is Vertimec used for?

Insecticides-acaricides: it acts on pests mainly by ingestion. Vertimec is an acaricide that acts on pests mainly by ingestion. Once applied on the leaf surface, Vertimec quickly penetrates the inside of sheets, thanks to its action translaminar, and is protected from possible washed by the rain and subsequent risks.

How do you use abamectin insecticide?

Use droppers to direct spray onto plants away from the inter-row. Apply at the first sign of pest activity. Re-apply as pest numbers indicate or every 7 to 10 days with a maximum of 5 applications to the crop. If mites are also a problem DO NOT use more than 2 Apparent Abamectin 18 Miticide/Insecticide sprays per crop.

How do you cure in 1.8 EC?

Dosage: Low dose: 30-225ml/Acre in 50 gallons of water. Addition of surfactant recommended. Application Interval: >5-7 days in rotation with other insecticides.

How do you mix Vertimec?

Mixing and spraying Measure the required amount of VERTIMEC, add to the partly filled spray tank, and then add the remainder of the water. If oil is recommended add this after the VERTIMEC is well mixed.To be effective VERTIMEC requires thorough spray coverage.

Is Vertimec systemic?

VERTIMEC is not systemic making good coverage essential. VERTIMEC that is not absorbed into plants is quickly degraded. Effective control depends upon regular monitoring of crops. Check crops regularly (every 3 to 5 days) during the season.

How long does abamectin last on plants?

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Shelf Life Abamectin 0.15 EC has a shelf life of 6 to 8 months when stored in a cool dry environment. Once opened Abamectin should be used within a month.
Yield One quart of Abamectin will treat 4 to 8 acres depending on target pest. See label for exact coverages.

How long is abamectin last?

Abamectin 0.15 EC Insecticide Miticide must be used or discarded within 24 hours from the time that it was mixed with water.

What is Flash 5 EC insecticide?

Pyrethrum 5 EC is a contact insecticide for use against chewing and sucking pests including aphids (blackfly and greenfly), thrips, whitefly and red spider mite on protected fruit and vegetable crops. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: IMPORTANT: This information is authorised as part of the product label.

Is abamectin natural?

Abamectin is a natural fermentation product produced by a soil microorganism, Streptomycetes avermitilis, an actinomycete. Because the product is natural in origin, it may fit into some “organic” production programs.

Is abamectin systemic?

Abamectin is not systemic, making good coverage essential. Abamectin that is not absorbed into the plant is quickly degraded. For insecticide resistance management eChem Abamectin Insecticide-Miticide is a Group 6 insecticide.

How much pesticide do you mix with water?

To treat the target area, add a little more than 5 oz. of herbicide to 143 oz. of water (148 – 5). Because there are 128 ounces in 1 gallon, this will mean adding 5 ounces of herbicide to 1.1 gal.

How do you mix cypermethrin with water?

To obtain better emulsion stability it is recommended to first mix the concentrate with a small quantity of water (10mℓ product to 1ℓ water). Mix thoroughly and add the rest of the water until the desired volume spray is obtained. Do not mix with oils, seaweed extracts and other pesticides.

Is abamectin water soluble?

Soluble at 21 °C in water at 10 mg/ml; acetone at 100 mg/ml; n-butanol at 10 mg/ml; chloroform at 25 mg/ml; cyclohexane at 6 mg/ml; ethanol at 20 mg/ml; isopropanol at 70 mg/ml; kerosene at 0.5 mg/ml; methanol at 19.5 mg/ml; toluene at 350 mg/ml.

How long after you spraying insecticide is it safe?

Many companies that use these chemicals warn that people should stay away from sprayed surfaces for six to 24 hours.

What is the composition of Vertimec pro insecticide?

Vertimec Pro Insecticide Authorisation Number: 69685 Composition: 18 g/L Abamectin Formulation: Suspension Concentrate | SC For the control of certain mites and insect pests on many fruit and vegetable crops. Vertimec Pro Label (87.89 KB) Vertimec Pro SDS (86.91 KB)

What happens to Vertimec after it is applied?

After application VERTIMEC quickly moves into leaves where it remains for several weeks and where it is taken up by sucking mites. VERTIMEC is not systemic making good coverage essential. VERTIMEC that is not absorbed into plants is quickly degraded. Effective control depends upon regular monitoring of crops.

What is a pesticide residue?

Pesticide residues are characterized by a high persistence in the environment and toxicity to both wildlife and humans. Pesticide residues in soil affect the soil microbial biodiversity.

Are there any insects that are resistant to Vertimec?

Some naturally occurring insect biotypes resistant to VERTIMEC and other Group 6 insecticides may exist through normal genetic variability in any insect population. The resistant individuals can eventually dominate the insect population if VERTIMEC and other Group 6 insecticides are used repeatedly.