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What is the story behind Silver Springs?

What is the story behind Silver Springs?

“Silver Springs” was Nicks’ tribute to the fairy-tale ending that never was. The title came from Silver Spring, Maryland: While passing through the town on tour, Nicks romanticized the name. “It sounded like a pretty fabulous place to me,” she said in the Classic Albums documentary about Rumours.

Who did Stevie Nicks wrote Silver Springs about?

Stevie NicksSilver Springs / Composer

How many godchildren does Stevie Nicks have?

Stevie Nicks has many goddaughters Nicks has roughly 11 or 12 goddaughters, according to the Los Angeles Times. The publication says she has so many godchildren that she is sure about the exact number.

What happened to the song Silver Springs by Stevie Nicks?

The song would have behind-the-scenes repercussions for decades to come – nearly leading to the breakup of the band. “Silver Springs” would also become a treasured touchstone for Nicks acolytes ranging from Courtney Love, who has passionately covered it, to Lorde, who cited it as an influence on her Melodrama LP.

How did Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham meet?

She and Buckingham met as teenagers at a religious-group gathering; after high school, they became romantic and musical partners, eventually teaming up in the duo Buckingham Nicks. In December 1974, Mick Fleetwood called up Buckingham to join the already-established Fleetwood Mac.

What happened to “Silver Springs”?

The story of “Silver Springs” appeared to end right there, in Sausalito. The band performed the song live a few times in 1976 and ’77 before moving on from it for the remainder of the Seventies and the entirety of the Eighties. Even so, Nicks devotees still found their way to the tune.

Where did Silver Springs by Fleetwood Mac go on the charts?

Chart Rankings: “Sliver Springs” hit various charts when a live version of the song was released on Fleetwood Mac’s 1997 live album, “The Dance”. “Silver Springs” hit #38 and #18 on various Canadian charts; #96 in the Netherlands, and #5, #16, #22, #39 and #41 on various US Billboard charts.