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What is the song in the new Voltaren commercial?

What is the song in the new Voltaren commercial?

The music you hear playing during this Voltarol advert is a cover of the Bee Gees song ‘To Love Somebody’, the original of which was released back in 1967.

Who sings Voltaren song?

Paolo Kighine
Voltaren – song by Paolo Kighine | Spotify.

Who appears in the voltarol advert?

Running from August 2020 to August 2021, the ads will feature presenter Dee Thresher-Jones interviewing three of ITV’s viewers about their journey through pain management and how exercise has benefited their lives.

What is the music on the sudocrem advert?

The song is ‘Jump (for My Love)’, a track released back in 1983 by the all-female American pop group The Pointer Sisters.

Who is the man dancing in Voltaren commercial?

Joseph Anthony McKinney (born 12 May 1967) is an Irish stage, film and television actor and voice-over artist. Rathfarnham-born McKinney trained and worked as a hairdresser for four years, before joining fringe theatre.

Who was the dancer in the Voltaren ads?

Paula Abdul, 58, dances with her 27-year-old self—from the 1989 “Forever Your Girl” music video—in a spot for GSK’s Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel. The ad, titled “Forever Paula,” touts Voltaren’s over-the-counter availability after 13 years as a prescription medication.

What is the name of the girl in the voltarol advert?

Then with the bike looking like new, the guy takes his granddaughter, played by actress Tallulah Conabeare from the Natwest trolley pound coin advert, out for a ride in the sidecar.

What are pandas doing in sudocrem advert?

First airing during ITV1’s Britain’s Got Talent on Saturday 11 May, the first ‘Soothing’ TV ad is set in a tranquil Japanese garden, featuring three pandas gracefully practicing Tai Chi.

Who is the guy in the Guinness advert?

ICONIC Guinness ad actor Joe McKinney looks unrecognisable 28 years after the smash hit TV commercial. The dancing man is best known for his appearance in the 1994 Guinness advert and has gone on to feature in a number of TV series and short films.

Who is the actor in the 3 ad?

Three Brings TV Magic To Life With Special ‘Grandad’ Story Time. Actor John Olohan, ‘Grandad’ from Three’s recent Monster Hunter TV ad, took part in a live interactive Zoom story time event which connected over 70 families across the country.

Who is the girl in the Legal and General advert?

Elizabeth Bower
Born 1 August 1976 Leeds, West Yorkshire, England

What is the meaning of the Voltaren commercial?

What is the Voltaren commercial about? On the dance floor of a wedding, a husband shows his dance moves. The wife says that he would have been sidelined due to his pain, but Voltaren has allowed him to join in on the fun. Voltaren is said to provide powerful arthritis pain relief.

Who is the dancer in the Voltaren commercial?

Paula Abdul
Voltaren inserted present-day Paula Abdul – dancer, singer, arthritis sufferer – into one of her classic 80s music videos and replicated her dance moves to show that with the help of Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel she can still move in 2020 like she did in 1989.

Who rides the motorbike in the voltarol advert?

Doubling for the main actor Paul was given a fantastic Triumph Bonneville Motorcycle & Sidecar to ride around the roads of Box Hill.

Who is Dylan from Vodafone?

Gabrielle Miller (Australian actress)

Who sang the song in the Voltarol advert?

Written by band members Barry and Robin Gibb, the song was second single to be released from their first self titled international debut album. The cover version of ‘To Love Somebody’ in the Voltarol advert was recorded especially for the advert by music agency MassiveMusic.

What is the music in the 2022 Voltarol advert?

Discover the music in the 2022 Voltarol advert. Find the song and artist information for the latest Voltarol commercials. This new Voltarol advert featuring a BeeGees cover song features ‘Grandpa’ applying the joint relief product to his knee to help him along trying to do the things he loves…

Where was the Voltarol advert filmed?

Keeping this in consideration, Where was the voltarol advert filmed? According to, the ad was filmed around Box Hill, which is an area popular with local cyclists, and features a Triumph Bonneville Motorcycle & Sidecar. Song Title: To Love Somebody (Bee Gees cover). Artist: MassiveMusic.