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What is the routing number for United Bank WV?

What is the routing number for United Bank WV?

ACH US Routing Number – UNITED BANK

Routing Number State
16 051900395 WV
17 054001534 VA
18 054001550 VA
19 054001628 VA

Does my routing number matter?

Do I need to keep my routing number a secret? Because routing numbers identify the bank and not your personal account, you do not need to keep this number a secret. However, it’s smart to keep financial information private in most cases. Routing numbers are specific to banks or credit unions, but not individuals.

Is United Bank a real bank?

Bank Your Way Exceptional products and services meet you wherever you are, extending beyond more than 220 full-service United Bank locations to ATMs, online and mobile banking.

How many digits is a United Bank account number?

The unique identification of the Bank (UNIL for United Bank Ltd.) 12 digits account number including branch code.

Why are there two routing numbers?

Routing numbers are based on the state in which the account was opened, therefore the number may be different than the state or region in which you or our client currently reside.

Is OneUnited Bank really Black owned?

Yes, OneUnited Bank is really Black owned. Our majority owners are our Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Cohee and our President & Chief Operating Officer, Teri Williams. All of our board of directors and management team, the majority of which are African American, also own shares in OneUnited Bank.

Does United Bank use Zelle?

ZelleĀ® is now available in United Bank’s mobile banking app (Bank With United). Zelle is a fast, safe and easy way to send money directly between almost any bank accounts in the U.S., typically within minutes1 .