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What is the point of cluster duck?

What is the point of cluster duck?

The point of the game is to hatch as many ducks as possible. The more ducks that are hatched, the more strange things can happen in the game. Ducks will begin to mutate, things get weird, and the more ducks that hatch the more can go horribly wrong.

How many ducks are there in Clusterduck?

Clusterduck Ducks List. Each of the sets in Clusterduck has nine different ducks in total. Some of the ducks share parts, but at the very least it appears that two are different.

Does Android have Clusterduck?

Clusterduck is a collecting game that’s available now for iOS and Android where you breed weird and wonderful ducks.

Is the duck game free?

Duck Games – Free online games at

Is Clusterduck a good game?

Clusterduck review – Summary Clusterduck is a little hard to explain in all honesty due to the unusual premise of precisely how the mechanics work – with that said, if you’re looking for a fun and simple mobile game to kill some time with every so often, this is a pretty great pick.

What do you call a group of ducks?

Ducks: raft, team, paddling, badling.

Can you play DUCK GAME on ps4?

Game and Legal Info This is DUCK GAME. Now with more levels, more guns, and a level-up system all on your console! 2 to 4 PLAYERS in either Local Multiplayer Couch Combat, or Online Play!

Is Duck game available on Xbox?

Duck Game is a 2D action game developed by Landon Podbielski and published by Adult Swim Games. The game was released for the Ouya in 2014, and for Microsoft Windows in 2015….

Duck Game
Publisher(s) Adult Swim Games
Platform(s) Ouya, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch

Will Duck game come to Xbox?

PS4 players will soon be able to have a quacking good time with Duck Game next week. Meanwhile, Xbox One owners will have to wait a bit longer for their quacking.

How many copies did duck game sell?

Sold at least 20 million copies

Franchise Sales (millions)
Nintendogs 28.60
Duck Hunt 28.60
Yoshi 28.16
Gears of War 27

How do I get DuckTales remastered?

Following its removal from digital storefronts in 2019, DuckTales: Remastered is once again available for purchase on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One (via Backwards Compatibility), Wii U, and Steam.