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What is the meaning of Souciant?

What is the meaning of Souciant?

(ɪnˈsuːsiənt, French æ̃suːˈsjɑ̃ː) adjective. free from concern, worry, or anxiety; carefree; nonchalant.

How do you use insouciance in a sentence?

(1) I admired his youthful insouciance. (2) For all her apparent insouciance, she was desperately unhappy. (3) Now with exactly the same insouciance, and with exactly the same effect on me, he disappeared inside the jhumpa. (4) He replied with characteristic insouciance: “So what?”.

What is insouciance mean?

Definition of insouciance : lighthearted unconcern : nonchalance.

What is a Soupson?

soupçon (plural soupçons) A very small amount; a hint; a trace, slight idea; an inkling.

What is the synonym of insouciant?

In this page you can discover 21 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for insouciant, like: unconcerned, carefree, careless, nonchalant, jaunty, breezy, casual, easygoing, heedless, indifferent and lighthearted.

What is the possible synonym of the word insouciant?

happy-go-lucky, lighthearted, lightsome, slaphappy, unconcerned.

What is a soupcon of rouge?

Context examples They crimped and curled her hair, they polished her neck and arms with some fragrant powder, touched her lips with coralline salve to make them redder, and Hortense would have added ‘a soupcon of rouge’, if Meg had not rebelled. (Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott)

What is the meaning of Shalloon?

Definition of shalloon : a lightweight twilled fabric of wool or worsted.

What is another synonym for ostentatious?

The words pretentious and showy are common synonyms of ostentatious. While all three words mean “given to excessive outward display,” ostentatious stresses vainglorious display or parade.

Which is the closest antonym for the word insouciant?

antonyms for insouciant

  • anxious.
  • high-strung.
  • nervous.