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What is the importance of the locket Virgil finds?

What is the importance of the locket Virgil finds?

What is the importance of the locket in Virgil’s chapter? The picture reminds him of a girl in Haiti. Virgil wants to find the owner and give it back to her. It reminds him of the crop goddess he learned about in school.

What is the message in Seedfolks?

Family, Memory, and the Future A number of the gardeners in Seedfolks are drawn to the community garden not because they personally want to garden, but because a family member does. And while much of the story focuses on how gardening benefits individuals, it’s clear that it has a positive impact on families, too.

What ethnicity is Ana from Seedfolks?

She’s an older Romanian woman, and there’s just one thing she likes more than anything else: people watching. Okay, we’ll admit it, Ana’s people-watching is borderline creepy. But despite her slightly stalker-like tendencies, Ana is the curious creature inside all of us.

Is Seedfolks based on a true story?

The entire sixth grade of Hardy Middle School — located here in Washington, D.C. — read the book, and the students had several questions for Fleischman. Backseat Book Clubber Kyra Bendal, 11, wanted to know whether any of the characters in Seedfolks were based on real-life people. “They are,” says Fleischman.

What race is Virgil in Seedfolks?

The Virgil rundown: He hails from Haiti. He just finished fifth grade. His dad drives a taxi in Cleveland and wants to grow lettuce in the community garden.

What is Virgil’s gender in Seedfolks?

Virgil is a boy–though in my stage version he got changed into a girl to help balance the genders in the cast.

What genre is Seedfolks?

FictionChildren’s literature

Is there a Seedfolks movie?

Seedfolks (Short 2021) – IMDb.

What year is Seedfolks set in?

In the Coming-and-Going Men short stories, it is the New Canaan, Vermont, of 1800.