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What is the due date for professional tax payment in Karnataka?

What is the due date for professional tax payment in Karnataka?

Annual returns. All employers and businesses with Enrollment Certificate must remit their taxes before the 30th of April every year as per the stipulated tax slab. Moreover, employers with the Enrollment Certificate are required to file annual returns within 60 days of the end of the fiscal year.

How can I pay my PT online in Odisha?

Step 1: Visit the official portal of the Commercial Tax Department of Odisha Government. Step 2: Click on “e-Registration” under “e-Services” which is present on the homepage. Step 3: Now the new user registration form appears. The taxpayer has to enter the required details and click on the ” Submit” button.

What is the due date for professional tax payment in Telangana?

the 10th of every month
Individuals who are liable to pay professional tax in Telangana must make the payment on the 10th or before the 10th of every month. In case earning individuals of Telangana fail to pay professionals, the State Government will impose a penalty ranging from 25%-50% of the total outstanding amount.

What is professional tax in Odisha?


Act The Orissa State Tax On Professions, Trades, Callings And Employments Act, 2000
Salary (INR) PT Amount Remarks
Upto 160000 ₹ 0.00 Nil
Between 160001 To 300000 ₹ 1500.00
Above 300001 ₹ 2500.00

What is the due date for PF payment?

An employer is required to deposit the amount deducted from the employee’s wages towards PF along with the employer’s contribution on or before 15th of the following month. In case of delayed remittance, the EPFO has also prescribed penal charges/damages depending upon the period of delay.

Is PT applicable in Odisha?

Who is Liable to Pay? Deductor / Employer: Business entities in Odisha are required to deduct Professional Tax from the monthly salary from their employee at the applicable rates and deposit the same into the appropriate Head of account of State Government through Odisha Treasury every month.

Is professional tax deducted every month?

When is professional tax deducted? If you are a salaried individual, then as mentioned under Article 276(2) of the Indian Constitution, your employer will deduct the professional tax based on your salary slab from your gross income every month. It will then be remitted to the state.

What is due date for ESI?

ESI to conduct regular Health check-up programme in Industrial Clusters to update employee about their health condition and encourage them to adopt a healthy lifestyle with effect from 28 March 2022.

What is the due date for PF payment for May 2021?

PF payment due dates for the FY 2021-22 for reporting u/s 36(1)(va)

Period Due date Day
Apr-21 15/05/2021 Saturday
May-21 15/06/2021 Tuesday
Jun-21 15/07/2021 Thursday
Jul-21 15/08/2021 Sunday

What is PT renewal?

Professional Tax (PT) – Employer & Employee Registration No Professional tax is payable by persons who have attained age of 65 years and no tax is payable for holding any Profession for less than 120 days in that year.

What is TDS salary slip?

FAQs. TDS refers to tax deducted at source of income itself. In the case of TDS on salary, it relates to the tax deduction made by an employer on your salaried income. TDS on salary helps the government in collecting income tax accruing from an individual’s salary at the source.

What is HRA salary?

HRA full form is House Rent Allowance. It is a part of your salary provided by the employer for the expenses incurred towards rented accommodation. You can claim HRA exemption only if you are residing in a rented house. HRA exemption is covered under Section 10(13A) along with rule 2A of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

What is due date of PF payment?

the 15th of each month
Provident Fund Payment Due Date Provident Fund (PF) payments are due on the 15th of each month. The employer must deposit a total of 12% or 10% of the employee wages towards PF on or before this date every month. For most entities, the PF rate of 12% would be applicable.

Is there any form available for Odisha Value Added Tax (VAT)?

Ans: Yes, separate forms for Odisha Value Added Tax (VAT Act), Central Sales Tax Act (CST Act), and Odisha Entry Tax Act (OET Act) are available in download section of portal. Along with these e-forms, e- forms for Sales and Purchase invoice are also available.

What is e-filing of return in Odisha?

Ans: e-Filing of return is a facility which is now provided to file the returns online using internet under Odisha VAT Act, Central Sales Tax Act & Odisha Entry Tax Act. 2. For which Act (s) e-filing facility available? Ans: As of now e-Filing facility available for filing of returns under the following Acts: 3.

What is a vat-314 notice of demand?

VAT-314 Notice of demand imposing penalty for failure to make payment of the unpaid amount of tax, interest, penalty. Click Here Click Here 45 VAT-315 Revised notice of demand

What is the difference between vat-201 and vat-002 forms?

Ans: VAT-201 e-form is meant for dealers having TIN for filing VAT return. VAT-002 e-form is meant for SRIN dealers for filing VAT return. CST Form-I for all dealers filing CST & ET-03 form is meant for all dealers filing ET.