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What is the dress code at Drais?

What is the dress code at Drais?

In order to get access to the club, please avoid prohibited items including shorts, athletic apparel, sandals, clothing that is torn, cutoff, baggy, branded, offensive, work-related, and more. Fashionable attire is required.

Can you swim at Drais nightclub?

Drai’s has a nighttime pool party during the summer months. On these nights, you can go swimming in the pool, all while enjoying the best hip-hop talent in town.

How much are drinks at Drais?

How much are drinks prices with Drais bottle service at Drais Nightclub? Drinks are $8 to $10 beers, and $10 to $12 shots. Top shelf cocktails are $12 to $15, and Energy + Alcohol drinks are $15 to $20.

How much are drinks at Drai’s?

Who owns Drai’s nightclub?

Victor Drai
Drai’s Enterprises is owned and operated by Victor Drai, regarded by many as the “Father of the Las Vegas after-hours scene. Creator and founder of Las Vegas mega-clubs Tryst and XS, Drai is the visionary owner of Drai’s Nightclub, Beach Club, and After Hours.

Does Drais serve food?

Drai’s Beachclub offers a full-service gourmet kitchen where guests can grab a bite by the poolside, VIP cabana or shaded patio at Drai’s Café! Specialty items include fresh shrimp ceviche, internationally-inspired hot dogs, artisan flatbreads, the world-famous Drai’s Slider, and much more to satisfy any appetite.

Can girls wear jeans to Drais?

The following articles are prohibited: Pants. Jeans. Torn or cutoff clothing. Work wear.

Who is the owner of Drais nightclub?

How much is it to get into Drais After Hours?

How much is cover charge at Drais After Hours? Cover charge starts at $20 for women and $30 for men. Expect to pay more during holidays and special events.

Do girls have to pay in Vegas?

1. Re: Do females generally get in free at Night Clubs? Generally,no. Check the club you would like to visit some have no cover before a certain time,most have a lesser cover for women,some have lesser cover for local women,some have a ladies night,it’s all over the place.

What is Dustin Drai net worth?

Drai’s After Hours nightclub is now located at Bally’s Las Vegas. He took over the club La Bete at the Wynn Las Vegas in 2007 and made it into Tryst. Tryst was ranked #8 of the Top 100 Nightclubs & Bars by Nightclub & Bar Magazine….Victor Drai Net Worth.

Net Worth: $150 Million
Nationality: United States of America