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What is the difference between Ocean City New Jersey and Ocean City Maryland?

What is the difference between Ocean City New Jersey and Ocean City Maryland?

One big difference is the nightlife. While there are no bars or liquor licenses in the New Jersey version, there are close to 30 in OC, Md. Purcel also cited watersports, the beaches and boardwalk as attractions in her Ocean City, although to be fair, both have beaches, a boardwalk and plenty of water.

Is Ocean City NJ a dry town?

Adding to Ocean City’s family image is the fact that it’s a “dry” town, meaning there is no alcohol of any kind sold within its borders.

How old do you have to be to rent a hotel in Ocean City NJ?

18 years old
Cash, Visa, Discover, Mastercard and American Express are accepted. Under 21 Policy: All guests must be at least 18 years old to make a reservation.

Does Ocean City NJ have a boardwalk?

It’s All Fun and Games in OCNJ From miniature golf to renting a surfboard to hitting the arcade, our Boardwalk is well known for the variety of amusements, including our world famous park on the pier. When visiting Ocean City, patronizing our many attractions and amusements is an absolute must!

Is Virginia Beach or Ocean City nicer?

over a year ago. If you want a more relaxed beach experience where bike riding is allowed all day and night and you can ride horses on the beach. I would choose Virginia Beach. If you need a little more action and amusement then Ocean City is the place for you.

Is Ocean City NJ worth visiting?

Ocean City Beach is a clean beach with a wide, fun boardwalk. Nearly everything (arcades, amusement, restaurants, ice cream, booths, shopping) is open and it’s a really charming area. The amusements are expensive ($5 per person for a short ride) but fine for all ages.

Is alcohol illegal in Ocean City NJ?

There is nothing in the laws that prevents adults from having or drinking alcohol in Ocean City in their own home (or rental home). Nevertheless, in the spirit of keeping the town “family friendly” and honoring its heritage, police may crack down on other alcohol-related offenses.

Can an 18 year old get a hotel room in New Jersey?

How Old Do You Have to Be to Get a Hotel Room in New Jersey? Legally, you can get a hotel room from the age of 18 in New Jersey. However, hotels can set their own policy and most have a minimum check-in age of 21.

What week is Senior Week in Ocean City?

June 11 – June 18: There is an additional 11% sales tax to be added to the total price. All guests MUST be at least 17 years of age. Guests under the age of 18 years must call to receive a parental permission letter ((800) 638-3244). All guests must provide approved identification at the time of check-in.

Is Wildwood or Ocean City Better?

Ocean City is MUCH cleaner and nicer than Wildwood NJ…the boardwalk, beach, everything. I would recommend OC over Wildwood anyday! I used to live in Maryland but we spent summer vacations in Wildwood, NJ., also, Cape May. I went back to OC 2 years ago, Wildwood last year.

Do you have to pay to get on Ocean City NJ beach?

Beach Tags are required for all beachgoers ages 12 and older and will be in effect June 4, 2022 through Labor Day, September 5, 2022. Seasonal tags cost $25. Weekly tags ($10) will be available at various locations (listed In-Person on the left), at booths on the boardwalk, and from tag inspectors on the beach.

Is Rehoboth beach better than Ocean City?

Ocean City has a larger selection of accommodations, more amusements, wider beaches, and longer boardwalk, etc. It’s a much bigger resort area with block after block of hotels & condos. Rehoboth has just a few hotels, more traditional cottages and vacation rentals, some just a short walk from the ocean.

Is Ocean City better than Wildwood?

What is the best time to go to Ocean City?

The best time to visit Ocean City is from late May to early September, just be prepared for average highs in the mid-80s and a little humidity. There will also be a lot of crowds, and hotel rates that are double the cost of visiting in spring, so consider booking several months in advance.

Are you allowed on the beach at night in Ocean City?

Sleeping in any motor vehicle within the city limits of Ocean City is prohibited. Sleeping on the beach also is not allowed between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Does Ocean City NJ still have blue laws?

Ocean City ended the blue laws in 1986.

What is the best hotel in Ocean City?

Mione’s Pizza&Italian Restaurant

  • Seacrets
  • Harborside Bar&Grill
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    OCEAN CITY, MD – The Spartan race is returning to Ocean City this They’re hoping for the same result this year, boosting sales for hotel rooms and other businesses when Spartan racers come to town for the challenge. Tickets and hotel rooms are

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    demanding target golf skills from experienced players while they enjoy ample and stirring ocean views. Torrey Pines is known around the world for its dual golf courses. Fairmont Century Plaza Hotel – Century City: A landmark in the west side’s HQ of