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What is the biggest Church in Armenia?

What is the biggest Church in Armenia?

The Saint Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral (Armenian: Սուրբ Գրիգոր Լուսավորիչ մայր եկեղեցի, Surb Grigor Lusavorich mayr yekeghetsi), also known as the Yerevan Cathedral is the largest cathedral of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

Was Gregory the Illuminator Armenian?

Gregory was the son of the Armenian Parthian nobles Anak the Parthian and Okohe. His father, Anak, was a Prince said to be related to the Arsacid Kings of Armenia or was from the House of Suren, one of the seven branches of the ruling Arsacid dynasty of Sakastan.

What did saint Gregory the Illuminator do?

239 – c. 330 CE) was the first bishop of the Armenian church, and he is widely credited with converting king Tiridates the Great to Christianity, formally establishing the Armenian Church, and spreading that religion throughout his country. Saint Gregory is the patron saint of Armenia.

Why did Armenia adopt Christianity?

Gregory the Illuminator convinced Tiridates III, the king of Armenia, to convert to Christianity. Before this, the dominant religion was Armenian paganism, under the theological influence of Zoroastrianism. The Armenian Apostolic Church is the national church of the Armenian people.

Which Armenian King adopted Christianity?

King Tiridates III
The Kingdom of Armenia was the first state to adopt Christianity as its official religion under the rule of King Tiridates III of the Arsacid dynasty in the early 4th century. According to tradition, the church originated in the missions of Apostles Bartholomew and Thaddeus of Edessa in the 1st century.

How many canonised saints are there?

There are more than 10,000 saints recognized by the Roman Catholic Church, though the names and histories of some of these holy men and women have been lost to history. The saints of the church are a diverse group of people with varied and interesting stories.