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What is the abbreviation for shipping?

What is the abbreviation for shipping?

Abbreviation for Shipping:

8 Shpg. Shipping + 1
1 ship shipping
0 shipp. Shipping
-1 Shipg Shipping downvoted
-1 Shpng Shipping downvoted

What is the meaning of AGW WP?

AGW WP. All going well weather permitting.

What is IAGW shipping?

If All Goes Well. Copyright 1988-2018, All rights reserved.

What is CP date in shipping?

CP Date means the date on which all conditions set forth in Article IX (Conditions) have been satisfied or waived (other than those conditions that, by their terms, are to be satisfied at Closing, but subject to the waiver or fulfillment of those conditions).

What is ETD and ETA in shipping?

An ETD normally means the expected date of departure while ETA means the expected date of arrival of an ocean carrier or cargo.

What is Sshinc in shipping?

SSHINC means Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays included but excluding Super Holidays. Sample 2.

What does WSNP stand for?

Weather and Safe Navigation Permitting (shipping)

What is SP in shipping?

SP. Specific Process. Military, Shipping, Carriage.

What is ETA and EDA?

ETD is that ETA is the estimated time of arrival and ETD is the estimated time of departure or the estimated time of delivery.

What is ETS and ETA?

ETA, ETC, ETD, ETR, ETS. Estimated time of arrival, completion, departure, readiness or sailing.

What is Sshex?

Abbreviation for Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays Excepted. Refers to loading and discharging of cargo as agreed to in the charter party. This indicates when time does not count in the calculation of demurrage and despatch. Shipping Abbreviations.

What does PPA stand for in shipping?

Prepaid and add
Yes PPA means Prepaid and add. Meaning shipper pays for the freight charges using a carrier of the shippers choice and then passes along full or partial charges to the customer by adding the charges to customer’s invoice for payment. Hope that helps.

What does MV SS SP in ships stands for?

Historically, prefixes for civilian vessels often identified the vessel’s mode of propulsion, such as “MV” (motor vessel), “SS” (screw steamer; often cited as “steam ship”), or “PS” (paddle steamer). Prefixes indicating a vessel’s purpose, e.g. “RMS” (Royal Mail ship), or “RV” (research vessel), were also used.

Is ETS same as ETD?

ETS indicates the time a vessel is expected to depart a specific port. ETS is similar to Estimated Time of Departure (ETD) because they both indicate the time a specific transport system leaves the station or port. While ETD covers all aspects of transportation, ETS is only used for the ocean and sea transportation.

What is Sshinc?

SSHINC means Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays included but excluding Super Holidays.

Is SHEX a word?

Copyright 1988-2018, All rights reserved….SHEX.

Acronym Definition
SHEX Sundays and Holidays Excepted