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What is Symcfg command?

What is Symcfg command?

The symcfg commands discovers or displays Symmetrix configuration information.

How do I list the RDF groups?

How to list the EMC SRDF “RDF” defined groups for an EMC Symmetrix (DMX) array

  1. Sample output. Local EMC Symmetrix ID (SID) “822”:
  2. Dopey # symcfg -sid 822 list -rdfg all.
  3. Repeat the command for the “remote” EMC enclosure using the “symcfg -sid list -rdfg all” command.
  4. Bashful # symcfg -sid 414 list -rdfg all.

What is Srdf link?

What is SRDF? The Symmetrix Remote Data Facility( SRDF ) is a family of remote mirroring software from Dell EMC offers various levels of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions. This solution can be used to maintain multiple host independent mirrored copy of data.

What is EMC solution enabler?

Description: Dell EMC Solutions Enabler provides shared libraries utilized by the Symmetrix Command Line Interface (SYMCLI) for use by storage administrators and systems engineers.

How do you make a Vmax Lun?

Create the “LUN” – TDEV (Thin Device)

  1. Login as administrator (default login “smc”).
  2. Select the Symmetrix VMAX to be configured.
  3. Press the “Storage” icon and then the “Volumes” object.
  4. Expand the “Virtual Volume” folder, select “TDEV” and then press the “View” button.
  5. Press the “Create” button.

What is Srdf group?

All Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF) operations in PowerHA® SystemMirror® Enterprise Edition clusters are performed on a composite group and not on individual device groups. The composite group that is enabled for consistency is known as the consistency group .

What is BCV device?

The BCV lun is an EMC Symmetrix device with special attributes created when the Symmetrix is configured. It can function either as an additional mirror to an existing Symmetrix device or as an independent device.

What is Dell solutions enabler?

Solutions Enabler includes application programming interface (API) libraries that bridge software applications and the heterogeneous hardware and software infrastructure within a storage environment.

What are EMC solutions?

EMC Solutions design specify and supply Acoustic Control Materials for Industrial / Automotive / Aerospace / Electronics and Engineering applications. Customer or sector specific requirements for acoustic components can be bespoke solutions and tailored to individual customers needs.

What is masking view in Vmax?

EMC masking views (also known as LUN masking) enable one set of storage ports (taps) to present different strings of disks to different sets of initiators (channels). Most customers will not need to use this capability.

What is emulation in Vmax?

Emulation: There are two kind of Emulation Available in VMAX FBA and CKD. FBA: Fixed block Architecture used for open systems. CKD: Count key data used for Mainframes and it is a IBM Technology. Cylinders: Unit to measure capacity in Storage.

What is EMC BCV?

In disk arrays, a business continuance volume, or BCV, is EMC Corporation’s term for an independently addressable copy of a data volume, that uses advanced mirroring technique for business continuity purposes.

What is symrdf command in Symmetrix?

The symrdf command performs various SRDF operations on symmetrix devices. It also performs control operations such as Adding, modifying or removing a dynamic RDF group. Query device group. Split the srdf pair for devices given in mydg.

What are enablers in the framework?

These include exploration, architecture, infrastructure, and compliance. Enablers are captured in the various backlogs and occur throughout the Framework. Enablers bring visibility to all the work necessary to support efficient development and delivery of future business requirements.

What priority should be set for SRDF on Symmetrix devices?

Set the background copy priority of the given RDF devices to priority 8. priority can be set between 0 (Fastest) to 16 (Slowest). The symrdf command performs various SRDF operations on symmetrix devices.

What are the macro commands in symrdf?

Please note that establish, split, restore and a lot of other useful symrdf commands are sort of “macro” commands since they will issue multiple low level commands.