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What is Rxlev in GSM?

What is Rxlev in GSM?

RXLEV is a number from 0 to 63 that corresponds to a dBm value range. 0 represents the weakest signal and 63 the strongest. RSSI below -110 dBm are generally considered unreadable in GSM. RSSI in the area of -50 dBm are rarely seen and would indicate that the MS is right next to the BTS.

What is Rxlev in telecom?

RxLev represents the received signal level measured in dBm units. The range from -110 dBm to -48 dBm is mapped to codes from 0 to 63. The higher measured level, the higher code number. Values less than -110 dBm correspond to code 0 and values grater than -48 dBm correspond to code 63.

What is RX level in 2g?

The Rx-Level is the signal level above -110 dBm.

What is Rx level?

The Rx level is the strength of the signal that our mobile receives from a BTS (mobile tower). Here, the Rx level stands for Receiver Level. The mathematical formula to calculate the Rx level is: RxLev (dBm) = EIRP (dBm) – Path Loss (dB)

What is RxQual in 2g?

RxQual is used in GSM and is a part of the Network Measurement Reports (NMR). This is an integer value which can be between 0 and 7 and reflects the quality of voice. 0 is the best quality, 7 is the worst. Each RxQual value corresponds to an estimated number of bit errors in a number of bursts.

What is Rscp 3G?

In the UMTS cellular communication system, received signal code power (RSCP) denotes the power measured by a receiver on a particular physical communication channel. It is used as an indication of signal strength, as a handover criterion, in downlink power control, and to calculate path loss.

What is Rscp 3g?

What is RxQual in GSM?

What is Tx and Rx?

TX and RX are abbreviations for Transmit and Receive, respectively. Note that these metrics are referenced to the server being monitored; Transmit FROM this server, and Receive TO this server. Units are in Bytes (not bits)

What is Tx and Rx value?

Tx Power and Rx Power of a Fibre Transceiver. The optical Tx power is the signal level leaving that device and it should be within the transmitter power range. The Rx power is the incoming signal level being received from the far end device and it should fall within the receive power range.

Which channel is used for measurement reporting in GSM?

Neighbour channel results reflect the GSM neighbour cell ARFCN or 3G FDD neighbour cell UARFCN reported by the mobile station in the SACCH report.

What is Rscp and EcNo?

EcNo: energy per chip over the noise, a measure of the quality of the signal. RSCP: Energy after processing ie with gain from coding etc. RSSI: A dB measure of the signal arriving at the antenna before gain from processing.

What is Rscp in GSM?

Received Signal Code Power This parameter is used to measure the strength of the received signal, especially in UMTS networks.

What is TX rate?

The wireless transmit rate is the speed that data is being transmitted from an AP to a wireless device. The technical term for this is the TxRate. For 802.11n connections, the maximum possible rate is 300 Mbit/sec (using 40 mHz and channel bonding). For 802.11ac connections, the maximum possible rate is 1 Gbit/sec.

What is RS232 TX?

The protocol RS232 defines signals used in communication, and properties of the hardware to transfer signals between devices. There are two signal lines: a TX line is used to output a signal from a device, and the RX line is used to input the signal. There is also a common ground line for both devices, Fig. 14.1 left.

What is SFP power?

The small form-factor pluggable (SFP) is a compact, hot-pluggable network interface module used for both telecommunication and data communications applications. An SFP interface on networking hardware is a modular slot for a media-specific transceiver in order to connect a fiber-optic cable or sometimes a copper cable.

What is LTE neighbor cell?

3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) has introduced automatic neighbor relation (ANR), which enables a base station to manage neighbor cells on the basis of measurements made by mobiles.

What is cell PCH state?

CELL_PCH state is characterised by: No dedicated physical channel is allocated to the UE. The UE selects a PCH with the algorithm, and uses DRX for monitoring the selected PCH via an associated PICH. No uplink activity is possible.

What is RSSI and Rscp?

RSSI stands for received Signal Strength Indicator, measured in dBm. RSCP stands for Received Signal code power measured in dbm, It is measured based on received CPICH, which is transmitted continuously by WCDMA base station(NodeB).