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What is Nord Stage EX?

What is Nord Stage EX?

The Stage EX from Nord is a 73-key instrument that features stellar piano, organ, and synthesizer sounds that all draw from Nord’s finest technologies to create an all-powerful keyboard for composing, rehearsal, performance, and recording.

How heavy is Nord Stage 2?

9.7 kg
The Nord Stage 2 EX Compact features a 73-note Semi Weighted Waterfall keyboard (E-E) and weighs 9.7 kg.

Is Nord Stage 2 still good?

The Stage 2 is simply the most versatile live keyboard that I have ever played. The upgrades in the piano section from the original stage were crucial and extremely well done. The organ is nothing less than stellar and the synth section has some interesting samples/waveforms.

Does the Nord Stage 2 have speakers?

Alongside the organ’s themselves, the Stage 2 features our very latest rotary speaker simulation derived from the C2. Incorporating the acoustic variations that occur as a physical rotating spreads the sound around in a room, they bring the Stage 2’s organs to life with remarkable realism.

What is a Nord Stage 2?

The Nord Stage 2 EX features a brand new Factory Sound Bank with both new sounds in the Piano Library as well as a completely updated and refined selection of sounds from the Nord Sample Library. We’ve also optimized our sounds allowing you to fit even more sounds without comprising playability.

Will there be a Nord Stage 4?

Nord Piano 4 Stage The Nord Piano 4 is an impressive creation. While it’s similar to other Nord keyboards, it really is targeted at those gigging frequently. With the Nord Piano 4, we see a slightly different keybed than that of the Stage 3 keyboard. The 4 uses triple sensor keys with virtual hammer action.

Is Nord Stage 2 still worth it?

The Stage 2 is still relevant, and very usable keyboard. There are a bunch of excellent user-patches available on this and other forums. Main disadvantages would be the less memory compared to the NS2EX and NS3. 500MB memory for pianos and 380MB synth-samples, VS 2GB piano and 480MB synth on the NS3.