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What is Jack White holding on the cover of Elephant?

What is Jack White holding on the cover of Elephant?

mano cornuta
Jack White is also displaying a mano cornuta and looking at a light bulb intensely, while Meg White is barefoot and appears to be crying, with a rope tied around her ankle and leading out of frame. Both have small white ribbons tied to their fingers.

Who produced Elephant White Stripes?

Cooped up in the retro-tinged confines of Toe Rag Studios, Jack White acted as the producer for Elephant, wanting to specifically explore just how big of a sound two artists could create, while being limited to just eight individual tracks per song.

Where was Elephant The White Stripes recorded?

Homerton’s Toe Rag Studios
Homerton’s Toe Rag Studios is 20 this year. It’s best known for being the studio where The White Stripes recorded Grammy-award winning album Elephant.

What album was Seven Nation Army on?

ElephantSeven Nation Army / Album

Why is the White Stripes album called Elephant?

Jason Draper asserts in his book A Brief History of Album Covers that “the title was chosen because of the way in which the Stripes perceived the animal: noble, mating for life and only attacking you if you threatened the young.” Similarly, in their review of the album, Pitchfork asserted that “the album title refers …

What genre is Seven Nation Army?

Alternative rock
Garage rockAlternative/Indie
Seven Nation Army/Genres

How many copies did Elephant sell?

Elephant earned a Grammy Award for best alternative music album, and it sold over a million copies on the strength of singles such as “Seven Nation Army” and “The Hardest Button…

Who won the Best Rock Song Grammy in 2004 for Seven Nation Army?

the White Stripes
White earned his first two career GRAMMYs with the White Stripes for Best Alternative Music Album (Elephant) and Best Rock Song (“Seven Nation Army”). He won his first award as a producer for 2004 for producing Loretta Lynn’s Best Country Album-winning Van Lear Rose.

Did Stripes win any awards?

Overall, The White Stripes have won 19 awards from 54 nominations….List of awards and nominations received by the White Stripes.

Awards and nominations
American Music Awards 0 1
Brit 3 6
Grammy 6 11
Meteor Music 1 2

What city was Stripes filmed in?

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — More than 40 years ago, a downtown barbershop on West Market Street was transformed by film crews into a setting for “Stripes” starring Bill Murray. For six weeks starting in November 1980, Louisville and Fort Knox served as backdrops for parts of the film.