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What is H parameters of BJT?

What is H parameters of BJT?

and the h-parameters are given by – hix = hie – The input impedance of the transistor (corresponding to the emitter resistance re). hrx = hre – Represents the dependence of the transistor’s IB–VBE curve on the value of VCE. It is usually very small and is often neglected (assumed to be zero).

How do you find the H parameters of a BJT?

Determination of h Parameters 1 can be found out as under: (i) If we short-circuit the output terminals (See Fig. 2), we can say that output voltage v2 = 0. Putting v2 = 0 in equations (i) and (ii), we get, v1 = h11 i1 + h12 × 0 i2 = h21 i1 + h22 × 0 ∴ h11 = v1/ i1 for v2 = 0 i.e.

What are the 4 h parameters for transistor?

All the four h-parameters for any transistor configuration, namely CE, CB and CC, vary with variation of collecto0r current IC and collector junction temperature. Usually IC = 1mA is taken as the refence collector current. Similarly, collector junction temperature Tj = 250 is taken as the reference temperature.

What is H parameter and explain?

What are H Parameters (Hybrid Parameters?) Hybrid parameters (also known as h parameters) are known as ‘hybrid’ parameters as they use Z parameters, Y parameters, voltage ratio, and current ratios to represent the relationship between voltage and current in a two port network.

What are the types of H parameters?


No. Parameter Meaning
1 h11 Input resistance
2 h12 Reverse voltage gain
3 h21 Forward current gain
4 h22 Output conductance

Why h parameters are used?

In my point of view h-parameters are used for small signal frequency analysis. It knows system performance by calculating the output gain. It has one disadvantage, it is not suitable for large signal amplification. In this model input voltage and output current are dependent.

How many types of H parameters are there?

Every linear circuit having input and output can be analyzed as two port networks. In these networks there are four parameters called hybrid or h-parameters. Out of these four parameters, one is measured in ohm, one in mho and other two are dimension less.

What are the importance of H parameters?

Since intrinsic carrier concentration varies with temperature the h-parameters vary with temperature. Every linear circuit having input and output can be analyzed as two-port networks. In these networks, there are four parameters called hybrid or h-parameter.

What is the unit of H parameter?

h-parameters are called as hybrid parameters. The parameters, h12 and h21, do not have any units, since those are dimension-less. The units of parameters, h11 and h22, are Ohm and Mho respectively.

Why is H parameter used for transistor?

h – Parameters are real numbers up to radio frequencies. They can be determined from the transistor static characteristics curves. They are convenient to use in circuit analysis and design. Easily convert able from one configuration to other.