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What is Fusion Stone made of?

What is Fusion Stone made of?

Fusion Stone is a revolutionary, high-quality, manufactured concrete, thin stone veneer. It is the only thin stone system on the market that mechanically fastens each piece to the wall by using stainless steel Fusion Stone clips and screws.

How much does stone veneer cost in Canada?

The cost of manufactured stone veneer ranges from $5 to $8 per square foot, which is one of the most affordable stone veneer available.

Who makes Fusion Stone?

Shouldice Designer Stone
All Fusion Stone products come with a lifetime warranty and are 100% Canadian made in Ontario under the umbrella of Shouldice Designer Stone which has been family owned and operated since 1947.

Is Fusion Stone expensive?

Cost – Fusion Stone veneer is inexpensive compared to other building materials, both in terms of the cost of the materials and the installation process. By some estimates stone veneer is one-third to half of the price of the most cost-effective traditional stone options.

How do I use Fusion Stone?

We’ve broken down Fusion Stone installation into four easy steps:

  1. Pre-Installation.
  2. Get your materials and tools.
  3. You will also need:
  4. Step One: Prepare the surface.
  5. Step Two: Install the starter strips.
  6. Step Three: Start at the corner.
  7. Step Four: Finish your installation with the right clips.

Can I glue Fusion Stone?

Fusion Stone Offers Both Quality and Ease Unlike the competition, our patented clip design allows you to easily hook pieces together with stainless steel clips and screws, requiring no special tools or messy glue to create a strong and durable hold that is guaranteed for life.

Can you install Fusion Stone on concrete?

Can Fusion Stone be applied to any surface? Yes. Fusion Stone products are designed to be installed on wood frame, steel stud, masonry and pre-cast wall sections.

Can fusion stone be installed on cement board?

How do I install Fusion?

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

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Can you install Fusion stone on concrete?

What is the best adhesive for stacked stone?

Adiseal is the best adhesive to use on stone as it has proven to be the strongest adhesive by an independent adhesive strength test.

How do you attach stone veneer to a concrete foundation?

If you are applying stone veneer to a painted or sealed concrete foundation, attach a layer of metal lath to the concrete wall with masonry anchors. Cover the lath with a scratch coat of mortar to give the stones something to adhere to. After the scratch coat dries for two days, install the veneer as described here.