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What is Exit 39 on the LIE?

What is Exit 39 on the LIE?

Exit Destination
40W Jericho Turnpike (NY 25) – West
39 Glen Cove Road (CR 1)
37 Willis Avenue
36 Searingtown Road (CR 101) Shelter Rock Road (CR 8)

What exit is Bayshore on LIE?

LON ISLAND EXPRESSWAY (Route 495) Exit Exit 53 South (Sagtikos Parkway.) Proceed approximately 2 miles to end.

What exit is William Floyd Parkway on Sunrise Highway?

Exit 58S
Sunrise Highway

Mile Eastbound
60.7 Exit 57N West Horseblock Road Yaphank
62.8 Exit 58S South William Floyd Parkway Shirley
62.8 Exit 58N North William Floyd Parkway Wading River
66.4 Exit 59 Wading River Road Center Moriches South Manor

What exit is the Seaford Oyster Bay Expressway on the lie?

Exit 44 North
Take the LIE to Exit 44 North, which is the Seaford Oyster Bay Expressway/Route 135.

What is Exit 36 on the LIE?

749 Port Washington Blvd, exit 36 on lie.

What is Exit 40 on Sunrise Highway?

Babylon-Northport Expressway

Exit Destination
40 Babylon-Northport Expressway (NY 231) Deer Park Avenue (CR 34) Higbie Lane
41 Robert Moses Causeway Howells Road (CR 57)
43 Fifth Avenue (CR 13) Brook Avenue
44 Brentwood Road Saxon Avenue

Why is there no exit 54 on the LIE?

Exit 54 was closed in 1990. Exit 53 became the replacement exit for 54, with service roads added to bring commuters to Wicks Road. So chalk up this little Long Island mystery to unexecuted plans and the Long Islander’s worst enemy: traffic.

Where is Exit 46 on Sunrise Highway?

East Islip Central
Sunrise Highway

Mile Eastbound Westbound
45.3 Exit 46 Carleton Avenue East Islip Central Islip
46.5 Exit 46 New York Heckscher Park No commercial vehicles Maximum vehicle height 7′-10”
46.9 East Nassau Street
47.4 Exit 46A Montauk Highway Oakdale Great River Connetquot State Park

What exit is West Babylon?


Does Merrick Road turn into Montauk Highway?

Merrick Road runs east from the Queens neighborhood of Jamaica through Merrick past the county line between Nassau and Suffolk into Amityville, where it becomes Montauk Highway at the Amityville–Copiague village/hamlet line.

What is Exit 49 on Sunrise Highway?

Sunrise Highway at Exit 49 – Sayville, NY.

What exit is Babylon on Southern State Parkway?

Exit 37
The BABYLON BRANCH is the last Train that goes to Southern State Parkway – Exit 37 in West Babylon, Ny.

What exit is Elmont?

New York State Roads – Southern State Parkway/Heckscher Parkway Exit List

Mile Eastbound Westbound
1.5 Exit 14 North Fletcher Avenue Valley Stream Elmont
1.9 Exit 15A Valley Stream State Park
2.2 Exit 15 Corona Avenue Franklin Avenue Exit 15S Corona Avenue South
2.2 Exit 15N Corona Avenue North