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What is E 1 code on pellet stove?

What is E 1 code on pellet stove?

E-1 (Vacuum Loss) Pellet stoves require a clean “un-resisted” flow of combustion air to perform safely and efficiently. The E-1 code is for vacuum loss; it happens when the flow of exhaust is not sufficient to hold the “flue blockage” switch closed.

How do I reset my New Englander pellet stove?

Press the “Off” button on the control panel to turn the pellet stove off if it is running. Unplug the cord and plug it back in. This clears the control board.

Why is my auger not feeding pellets?

A pellet stove that’s not feeding pellets can be a sign that the hopper needs filling up with pellets, the auger is jammed, the auger motor has failed, or the air inlet is blocked. Clean the stove thoroughly and if the stove still isn’t feeding pellets then professional help be required.

What does low burn air mean on pellet stove?

Proper Flame The flame on a pellet stove needs to be hot — but not too hot. A low-burning, flickering orange flame, known as a “lazy” flame, is not hot enough to be efficient. A lazy flame usually has black tips or emits dark black smoke. This kind of flame needs more air for the pellet stove to be efficient.

What is e2 on a pellet stove?

Error codes are alpha-numeric codes that appear on the control board and indicate a fault within your pellet stove. Code “E-2” indicates a failure to light, code “E-3” is known as over-firing and indicates that the exhaust temperature has been exceeded and code “E-4” signifies a drop in exhaust temperature.

What does E3 code mean on my pellet stove?

E3 error means the hopper ran out of pellets. This could also be a bad sensor. So I would check or replace the Low Limit Snap disc before replacing the circuit board.

Can you use a timer on a pellet stove?

UNDERSTANDING YOUR STOVE The digital circuit board allows the vertical auger fuel system to run in a timer based, non-continuous cycle.

What does E 0 mean on a pellet stove?

If the control panel displays code “E-0,” this means that the machine is working normally.

What is E4 code on pellet stove?

During start-up ignition must occur within 12 minutes or the stove will error out and show E4. During the start-up phase, the Time key does not function. These buttons when pushed will set the pellet feed rate, hence the heat output or heat range of your stove.

What does e2 on a pellet stove mean?