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What is Dong Chong Xia Cao used for?

What is Dong Chong Xia Cao used for?

Cordyceps sinensis (CS), Chinese name Dong chong xia cao, is a fungus parasitic on certain caterpillars. It has been in use in China for treatment of lung conditions since at least the 17th century, as described in the classical medical text Ben Cao Cong Xin [8].

What is Dong cong Cao?

Cordyceps, also known as Chinese caterpillar fungus or “Dong Chong Xia Cao” in Chinese, is a unique blade-shaped fungus growing on caterpillars, and is a highly valued tonic herb claimed to treat a wide range of disorders, including respiratory, renal, liver and cardiovascular diseases, low libido and impotence, and …

Can I take Cordyceps every day?

When taken by mouth: Cordyceps is possibly safe for most people when taken in doses of 3-6 grams daily for up to 1 year. It might cause mild side effects such as diarrhea, constipation, and stomach discomfort.

Should I take Cordyceps at night?

What Is the Best Time of Day to Take Cordyceps? Although Cordyceps can be taken at night, there is much debate over the efficacy of taking it then instead of the morning. One of the major benefits that this mushroom offers is a boost to athletic performance, essentially improving your daytime functioning.

Does Cordyceps make you sleepy?

Other functional mushrooms, such as Cordyceps and Lion’s Mane, can reset your circadian rhythm with a more energizing effect when taken in the morning after a good night’s sleep.

Can I take Cordyceps everyday?

How quickly does Cordyceps work?

ANSWER: Research suggests that results may be seen in as little as one week of cordyceps use. Even more benefits are seen with the regular use of a daily dose.

Is Cordyceps good before bed?

Cordyceps can make the “rest and repair” function of your sleeping hours even more potent, by boosting the level of cellular rejuvenation. It can also enhance sexual potency.

Can I take Cordyceps on an empty stomach?

Cordyceps Capsules and Powders: Capsules can be taken on an empty stomach or with food, we just recommend taking them at the same time everyday that works for you so that you take them regularly to maximize their effectiveness.