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What is coffered slab?

What is coffered slab?

Coffered slab consist of slabs supported on a contour of a system mutually. perpendicular beams. Slabs have a rigid conjugation with beams and joint bearing on walls.

How is waffle slab constructed?

Construction process The formwork is made up of many elements: waffle pods, horizontal supports, vertical supports, cube junctions, hole plates, clits and steel bars. First the supports are built, then the pods are arranged in place, and finally the concrete is poured.

Where is coffer slab used?

A waffle slab is a type of slab with holes underneath, giving the appearance of waffles. It is usually used where large spans are required (e.g auditorium) to avoid many columns interfering with space.

Is a coffered ceiling structural?

Faux or functional beams. Most coffered ceilings in residential homes aren’t load-bearing, meaning they’re not part of a home’s structural system that supports weight.

Does waffle slab have beam?

The thickness of the waffle slab is very less as compared to a conventional slab. The Beam which is used in the waffle slab has more depth. The upper portion of the waffle slab is very thin which rests on the grid lines and laid perpendicular to each other.

What is the grade slab?

Slabs which are directly laid on the earth, to support walls and other structural elements are called as Slab on grade or Grade Slabs. This type of slab is casted directly on ground level. Grade slab itself acts as a foundation for the building which does not require further footings.

How are coffered ceilings made?

The majority of coffered ceilings are purely decorative, constructed entirely from hollow faux beams. In fact, if you want large and deeply recessed coffers, an engineer may require additional ceiling support (since even faux beams may add too much weight to a ceiling, depending on the existing joist structure).

How deep is a coffered ceiling?

The Deep Coffer is the most popular depth and uses a 4-5/8″ crown. It takes up 4″ from the face of the grid to the back of the coffer. If you are suspending the grid from a drywalled ceiling, you will need 7″ of vertical space.

Do waffle pod slabs need Piers?

The slabs are typically piered with either mass concrete augured piers or screw piles. However, it may be possible to not have piers, in particular if the building is to be constructed with a light weight clad frame, rather than brick veneer or full brick construction.

What is p class slab?

The reactiveness of movement of your land Some examples of Soil Classifications are; “M – Moderately Reactive”, “H- Highly Reactive”, “P – Problematically Reactive”. Based on the reactiveness of the land to movement the structural engineer will design a slab to ensure it can handle your soil condition.

Are waffle slabs good?

Strong Structural Stability If you are looking to create a strong structure that can go for decades without showing any signs of damage, waffle pod slabs are the way to go. This system features greater stiffness and strength compared to conventional footing methods. It offers greater resistance to cracking.

What is waffle structure?

Waffle slabs are the Structural component which is plain from the top and has a grid-like pattern at the bottom side. Waffle slabs can be used for both constructions of the floor slab as well as ceiling slabs. A flat slab cannot be constructed for a longer span and also get cracked.

What is the minimum thickness for a residential slab?

The thickness of concrete floor slabs supported directly on the ground shall be not less than 31/2 inches (89 mm).