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What is another name for a country dance?

What is another name for a country dance?

Historically, the term contra dance is just another name for a country dance.

What is the synonym of dance?

synonyms for dance

  • disco.
  • samba.
  • tango.
  • waltz.
  • Charleston.
  • boogie.
  • conga.
  • foxtrot.

What is a good word for dancer?

What is another word for dancer?

hoofer coryphée
ballerina danseur
danseuse belly-dancer
bopper coryphee
line-dancer tap-dancer

What is another word for dance move?

What is another word for dance moves?

dance steps dance figures
dance movements dance patterns
dance variations

What is the origin of country dancing?

From the Mother Countries The primary influence of what we now call country (or “country/western”) dance comes from Europe. Settlers from England, Scotland, and Ireland brought forms of dance from the countryside festivals (still performed as “contradance”) as well as more courtly dances such as the pavane.

What are five dance synonyms?


  • trip, sway, spin, whirl, twirl, pirouette, gyrate.
  • informal bop, disco, rock, shake a leg, hoof it, cut a rug, trip the light fantastic.
  • North American informal get down, step it.
  • archaic foot it, tread a measure.

What words describe dancing?

To describe my experience I could say: the dance was very frenetic, lively, rattling, clanging, rolling, contorting, twisting, collaborative, joyous, chancy, energetic.

What is medieval country dance?

Country dances were considered folk dances and were identified by a combination of circle and line dancing. It also involved a lot of clapping and spinning steps. The most popular country dances during the medieval period were The Egg Dance, Quadrille, Pavan, Farandole, and Burgundian dance.

What is a danseur?

: a male ballet dancer.

How do you describe movement?

Adjectives used to describe movement include: slow, slight, moderate, gradual, steady, quick, rapid, significant, sharp, substantial, dramatic. Adverbs are formed by adding -ly to the adjective, and sometimes one or two other letters change as well. Note that “dramatically” can refer to both good and bad changes.