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What is an indented BOM?

What is an indented BOM?

An indented bill of materials (BOM) differs from a single-level bill of materials in that it includes the lower level components of the subassemblies of a product. The indented BOM lists all components of the product from the finished article to the raw materials.

How do you indent a bill of materials?

To view an indented bill of material:

  1. Navigate to the Indented Bill of Material window.
  2. In the Find Indented Bills window, enter the item and/or the alternate for the bill.
  3. Enter the revision, the revision date, and the number of levels to explode for this bill.

What is bom in Oracle?

A standard bill of material is the most common type of bill and lists the mandatory components, the required quantity of each component, and information to control work in process, material planning, and other Oracle Manufacturing functions.

What is alternate BOM in Oracle?

An alternate bill is another list of components for the same basic assembly. The primary bill is the default for rolling up costs, defining a job, and calculating cumulative item lead times. You must define a primary bill before you define an alternate. A primary bill can have many alternate bills.

How do you make an indent in BOM?

To create an indented assembly BOM:

  1. Click Bill of Materials (Table toolbar).
  2. In the PropertyManager, for BOM Type select Indented assemblies.
  3. Select other options and click .

What is the difference between an indented and flat bill of materials?

The indented BOM shows various levels of assembly and sub-assemblies and the required parts that form various components. What is the difference between an indented and flat bill of materials? In addition to the data provided by the flat BOM, the indented bill of material shows the hierarchy of parts and components.

How do you indent a BOM in Excel?

To open a BOM in Excel and preserve the indented structure:

  1. If the BOM is a computed BOM, in the left column, expand the second control and click Indented. The display of named BOMs is always indented.
  2. Click Open As CSV File .
  3. When prompted to create a Level column in the CSV file, click Yes.

What are routings in Oracle?

A routing defines the step-by-step operations you perform to manufacture a product. Each routing can have any number of operations. For each operation you specify a department that determines the resources you may use for that operation.

What is WIP Oracle Apps?

Oracle Work in Process is a complete production management system. Work in Process is part of Oracle Applications, an integrated suite of business solutions. Work in Process supports discrete, project, repetitive, assemble-to-order, work order-less, or a combination of manufacturing methods.

What is a modular BOM?

A modular bill of materials (modular BOM) is type of bill of materials (BOM) and a critical element in defining the product structure of an end-item. Modular BOMs define the component materials, documents, parts and engineering drawings needed to complete a sub-assembly.

What is a flat bill of material?

1 Definition A bill of material with a single, or few levels. Intermediate levels in a bill require activities related to opening orders, moving material in and out of stock, and creating associated routings and bills for each level.

What is a flattened BOM?

Flattened BOMs Think of a flattened BOM as a list of all the parts from all levels of your BOM listed together with the aggregate total quantities for each part shown. It’s a great way to see the quantities of ALL parts (no matter what level of the BOM they appear in) with their summed quantities.

What is flattened BOM?

Flattening BOM means we remove the intermediate levels in the BOM and connect the lowest level directly to the highest level. This is relevant for production and thus PP / PM consultant may work on it.

What is routing in Oracle BOM?