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What is action name in Struts?

What is action name in Struts?

The action tag allows the programmers to execute an action from the view page. They can achieve this by specifying the action name. They can set the “executeResult” parameter to “true” to render the result directly in the view.

What is action mapping in Struts?

An ActionMapping represents the information that the controller, RequestProcessor , knows about the mapping of a particular request to an instance of a particular Action class.

How does Struts action forward work?

An ActionForward represents a destination to which the controller, RequestProcessor, might be directed to perform a RequestDispatcher. forward or HttpServletResponse. sendRedirect to, as a result of processing activities of an Action class.

What is action servlet function?

– It plays the role of a controller in the Jakarta Struts Framework. – The requests to the server go through the controller. – The controller is responsible for handling all the requests. – It provides a controller in the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern for web applications which are known as “Model 2”.

What is the default URL pattern used by Struts 1 application?

The default value is /WEB-INF/struts-config. xml , which serves as the default application. You can specify additional subapplications by using the value config/ and the prefix of the subapplication. In this example, the init-param name would be config/sub1 and the value might be WEB-INF/struts-sub1-config.

What should be the configuration file name in struts 1?

The core configuration file for Struts framework is by default the struts. xml for Struts 2 and struts-config. xml for Struts 1. They are both configuration files so that is the same, but they are different beasts because they refer to different versions of the Struts framework.

What is forward name in struts-config xml?

Contains the global forward definitions. The forward name is the logical name used to map to a specific JSP. The logical name mappings for commonly used presentation pages are specified here. The element contains the logical name and the name of the corresponding resource which it maps to.

Which configuration file are used in struts?

The struts application contains two main configuration files struts. xml file and struts. properties file.