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What is a Rambler American?

What is a Rambler American?

The Rambler American is a compact car that was manufactured by the American Motors Corporation (AMC) between 1958 and 1969. The American was the second incarnation of AMC forerunner Nash Motors’ second-generation Rambler compact that was sold under the Nash and Hudson Motors marques in 1954 and 1955. Rambler American.

When did they stop making Ramblers?

30 June 1969
The last U.S.-built Rambler, of over 4.2 million cars that carried the Rambler name that rolled off the assembly line in Kenosha, was produced on 30 June 1969.

Did AMC make a 327 engine?

The AMC 327 engine debuted in a special edition Rambler Rebel, of which 1,500 were made. They were an early American muscle car. All Rebels had silver paint with a gold-anodized “spear” on each side. The 327 was not available in any other Rambler models in 1957 other than the special edition Rebel.

Are Ramblers rare?

These cars are pretty rare: just 1,512 built in both the “A” and “B” paint schemes. “The ’69 SC/Rambler was in a barn for 25 years. We had to move eight cars to get it out,” Jack Hille said.

Did AMC use Ford engines?

Some electrical parts (starter and distributor) were shared with Fords, and some models used Motorcraft (Ford) carburetors, but the balance of the engine design is unique. The Gen-2 AMC V8 was first introduced at 290 cu in (4.8 L) in 1966. It was used exclusively in the Rambler American model the first year.

When did Rambler become American Motors?

The 1950s brought major change for Rambler, and the country’s largest corporate merger for the time, when on May 1, 1954, Nash-Kelvinator merged with the Hudson Motor Car Co. to form American Motors Corp.

Did AMC make a 327?

What was the last year for the American Motors Rambler?

For its final model year, 1969, the “American” name was dropped as the car was now referred to as the “American Motors Rambler”. Continuing the tradition of minimal changes, the models received a new “suspended” accelerator pedal and cable throttle linkage.

What kind of car is a 1964 Rambler?

A special youth-oriented concept car, the 1964 Rambler Tarpon, was built on an Rambler American platform that foretold the fastback design of the 1965 Rambler Marlin, as well as future trends in sporty-type pony cars, including the 1968 AMC Javelin . The genesis of the Rambler American began with the Nash Rambler, introduced in 1950.

How much is a 1962 Rambler American convertible worth?

Benefiting from network television exposure, the 1962 Rambler American convertible became “a hot ticket item” for collectors after it began to appear regularly on 3rd Rock from the Sun with owners of rusty cars asking high prices and prime examples commanding upward of $14,000. [175]

How many 1967 Rambler Rogue convertibles were made?

Out of the total production of 69,912 Rambler Americans for the 1967 model year, 921 were Rogue convertibles. [54] Rogues also received grille trim that wrapped around the fender sides. All Rambler Americans received a new grille insert with prominent chromed horizontal bars.