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What is a mj pipe?

What is a mj pipe?

Mechanical joint pipe is a time-tested ductile iron product with joint dimensions conforming to the standardized dimensions in AWWA C111. Mechanical joint pipe is UL Listed and FM Approved.

What are MJ fittings used for?

The standard defines “mechanical joint” as: “a joint in which a positive seal is achieved when a gasket is compressed by means of a mechanical device.” A mechanical-joint (MJ) connection is the most common method used to join PVC pipe to a valve or an iron fitting.

What is bell and spigot?

A form of joint used on pipes that have an enlarged diameter or bell at one end and a spigot at the other that fits into and is laid in the bell. The joint is then made tight by lead, cement, rubber O-ring, or other jointing compounds or materials.

What is spigot in pipe?

The end connection of a fitting that is to be assembled into another fitting is called the “Spigot.” The spigot end of a fitting has the same outside diameter as pipe. The common female connection of PVC fittings is referred to as the socket or hub, and the spigot end of a fitting can be inserted into a Hub or Socket.

What are spigot joints?

A spigot joint is a type of pipe fitting that is inserted into another pipe fitting. The spigot end typically has the same outer diameter as the pipe and is usually fitted into another larger-diameter joint called a bell.

What is a spigot joint?

What is Fastite pipe?

The AMERICAN Fastite joint, furnished in sizes 4” to 64”, is a flexible, rubber ring compression-type joint used extensively in underground service for water, sewage or other liquids.

Can I weld steel to ductile iron?

Gray iron and ductile iron will act differently. Regardless, you should be able to weld any of these together with steel, but you don’t want a weak weld because you thought you had cast iron when you really have something with a higher melting temperature.

What is spigot and hub?