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What is a HP Pavilion 23 worth?

What is a HP Pavilion 23 worth?

Hewlett-Packard’s Pavilion 23 is one of the first 23-inch all-in-one PCs to hit the sub-$700 mark for its starting price. The core specs aren’t that remarkable, and HP again proves stingy with HDMI inputs, but you can chalk all of that up to this PC’s $699 price tag.

When did the HP Pavilion 23 all-in-one come out?

HP Pavilion 23-b320 23-Inch All-in-One Desktop (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Personal computer design type All in One
Brand HP
CPU Manufacturer Intel
Screen Size 23 Inches
Year 2013

Is HP all-in-one worth it?

The best all-in-one desktop PC This basic HP all-in-one combines a surprisingly good 24-inch 1080p screen with good enough performance for web browsing, videoconferencing, light gaming, and the other things most people use a computer for.

Does HP all in one have WiFi?

It does not come with built in WiFi, or that feature would have been listed along with the wired networking specification. If you want to add WiFi capability to your PC, the easiest thing to do would be to puchase an external USB wireless networking adapter. I use this one on my HP desktop PC’s.

Does the HP Pavilion 23 have Bluetooth?

Hi: According to the product specs page for your PC, it does not come with built in bluetooth networking.… If it did, that feature would have been listed under the networking specifications section.

Does HP Pavilion 23 All in One have Bluetooth?

Can HP Pavilion 23 run Windows 10?

We have a 1.5 year old All-in-One (Pavilion 23-q114) that is on the list of units not supported by the latest Windows 10 Update.

Can I add more RAM to my HP Pavilion 23 all-in-one?

You can upgrade your HP Pavilion 23-g010 All-in-One Computer to up to a maximum memory capacity of 16GB Memory.

How much RAM does the HP all-in-one computer have?

8 GB
Enhance your purchase

Brand Parts-quick
Form Factor SO-DIMM
RAM Memory Technology DDR3
Computer Memory Size 8 GB
Memory Speed 1600 MHz

What Windows does an HP Pavilion 23 have?

HP Pavilion 23-g010 23″ Desktop, AMD E2-3800, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Windows 8.