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What is a good PES score?

What is a good PES score?

“An optimal PES score is between 70-80 – when I started tracking my PES I was averaging somewhere around 48-49, I now hover around 59-60.

What are good pros and cons USMC?

1 Pro: Education and Training. One pro of being in the Marine Corps is the training available.

  • 2 Pro: Retirement and Healthcare.
  • 3 Pro: Experience and Travel.
  • 4 Pro: Serving Your Country.
  • 5 Con: Death or Injury.
  • 6 Con: Unpleasant Locations.
  • 7 Con: Bureaucracy.
  • What is a good pedal smoothness score?

    The Pedalling Effectiveness Score has simplified this to a score out of 100, with 70-80 being the optimal range. “Most people, if left to their own devices, will develop a pedalling technique that is quite energy-efficient but isn’t always very effective at generating high amounts of force,” says Wainwright.

    What is Marine Corps total force leave and earnings statement?

    The LES is a comprehensive statement of a member’s leave and earnings showing your entitlements, deductions, allotments(not available to Reserves), leave information, tax withholding information, and Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) information. Your most recent LES can be found 24 hours a day on myPay.

    What is MOS 1141 in the Marine Corps?

    Image: wikimedia Marine Corps Electrician (MOS 1141) use electrical theory and concepts to complete electrical repairs, installation and maintenance on electrical power generation systems. Individuals in this MOS work on both indoor and outdoor systems and provide support during Humanitarian and Civilian operations.

    What does a MOS 7041 do in the Marines?

    Aviation Operations Specialist (MOS 7041) An Aviation Operations Specialist at work. Image: What They Do: Ensure that flightlines, squadrons, and various aircraft support MOS’ are all prepared and functioning properly.

    What does a 2311 MOs do in the Marines?

    Ammunition Technician (MOS 2311) An Ammunition Technician at work. Image: What They Do: Work with all ammunition, toxic chemicals, and munitions to ensure that it is accounted for, distributed properly, and in good working order. 53. Signals Intelligence/Electronic Warfare Analyst (MOS 2631)

    What is a 6541 MOS in the Marines?

    Aviation Ordnance Systems Technician (MOS 6541) An Aviation Ordnance Systems Technician at work. Image: What They Do: These technicians are responsible for the entire ordnance system which includes the stowage, testing, repairs, arming, disarming, and accountability of armament equipment and armament handling equipment.