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What is a good Naglieri score?

What is a good Naglieri score?

A Naglieri score is gifted when it is 132 or higher. Schools will look at the percentile rank as well. School districts will determine what score is gifted for entrance to their programs differently based on how many students they can have in the programs. They may take students who score in 95% percentile or higher.

What is a good score for Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test?

The NNAT “Standard Age Score” is a representation of how your child scored in which 89-111 is considered average….The Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT)—Third Edition.

Description National Percentile Rank Standard Age Score
Average 25th-75th 89-111
High Average 76th-89th 112-120

Is the Naglieri an IQ test?

The Naglieri is only one measure of intelligence and does not equate to an IQ test because it does not have a verbal component.

How is the Naglieri scored?

The score obtained from the NNAT3 is called the Naglieri Ability Index (NAI). A NAI of 100 is considered average, and 95% of students will score between 68 and 132. The Highly Capable Department uses a student’s National Percentile Rank (NPR) to determine eligibility for further testing.

What NNAT percentile is gifted?

Students scoring at or above the 97th percentile are eligible for placement in both citywide and district gifted and talented programs. Students who perform at or above the 90th percentile are only eligible for placement in gifted and talented district programs.

How is the naglieri scored?

What does the naglieri test?

The Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test 2 assesses school learning ability without requiring a student to read, write or speak. Instead, students rely on reasoning and problem solving skills to complete the test items. Many people assume that intelligence is differentiated in two categories: verbal and nonverbal.

What is NNAT test used for?

The NNAT (Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test) is a nonverbal test used for qualifying K-12 students for gifted and talented programs. It is a group-administered aptitude test commonly given as an entrance exam into schools’ gifted programs.

Is the Naglieri test timed?

The NNAT can be administered via pencil and paper or computer. It is often given in school settings to assess children for gifted and talented programs. The test is timed and it takes about 30 minutes.

How is the naglieri test scored?

Since the NNAT is 48 questions, the raw score will be the number of questions answered correctly out of 48 (i.e., 35/48). The raw score is then converted to a normalized score called the Nonverbal Ability Index (NAI). The NAI score is determined relative to children in the same age group, not test level.

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