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What is a bone island in the wrist?

What is a bone island in the wrist?

Enostoses, also known as bone islands, are common benign sclerotic bone lesion that usually represent incidental findings. They constitute a small focus of compact bone within cancellous bone. Enostoses can be seen on radiographs, CT, and MRI, and are considered one of the skeletal “don’t touch” lesions.

Are bone islands common?

# = Quantity/Number of. Enostosis, also known as bone island (BI), is a very common benign osseous lesion that consists of a focus of compact (cortical) bone within cancellous (spongy) bone [1,2].

Can bone islands enlarge?

It is not sufficiently recognised that a bone island may grow in size and density, and thus may mimic a sclerotic metastasis. Blank and Lieber (1965) recorded 6 cases in which bone islands showed unequivocal evidence of growth. The interval during which enlargement occurred varied from 2 to 14 years.

Can bone island grow?

The concept that bone islands may grow in size and density, simulating osteoblastic metastases, has not received significant support. It is the purpose of this paper to focus on this concept, and to present evidence that bone islands may increase strikingly in size over a period of years.

What is a bone island on xray?

Bone islands demonstrate computed tomography (CT) scan findings that correlate with their plain film appearance. They are sclerotic and hyperdense foci with “thorny” radiations that blend with surrounding trabeculae (see the images below). [1, 20] Plain film radiograph of the pelvis.

Can MRI detect bone island?

Because bone islands are composed of cortical bone, they demonstrate low signal intensity on MRI scans. Gould et al provided and in-depth review of 13 cases of bone tumor mimics (ie, a benign osseous lesion that radiologically resembles a bone tumor) and noted that this is not an uncommon finding.

How fast do bone islands grow?

In 6 cases, unequivocal evidence of growth of bone islands was detected. The intervals over which expansion in size and density occurred varied from two to fourteen years.

What does the medical term bone island mean?

Abstract. An enostosis or bone island represents a focus of mature compact (cortical) bone within the cancellous bone (spongiosa).

What is a Boney Island?

Bone island, also called an enostosis, is a benign bone tumor mostly encountered as an incidental and asymptomatic finding. They are round and small (2 to 20 mm) intramedullary condensations composed of lamellar cortical bone. Essentially it is intramedullary displacement of compact lamellar bone.