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What is a 350mm fretboard radius?

What is a 350mm fretboard radius?

These days most fretboards are in the 10-14″ range. PRS and some Fenders are at the bottom end, with 12″ probably the standard and 14″ (actually 350mm or 13.7″) the standard for a lot of Asian guitars (including 35-year-old Japanese guitars).

What is the fretboard radius of a Gibson Les Paul?


Manufacturer/Brand Model Fretboard Radius
Furch Most 15.75″
Gibson Most 10″-12″
Gibson J-45 16″
Gibson Les Paul Standard 2013 Compound 10″-16″

What is a 350mm radius in inches?

14 inches fretboard radius (350 mm) and GK3 / GK2A.

What fingerboard radius is best for small hands?

People with small hands tend to have an easier time playing on flatter, thinner necks, which means that they will often benefit from a fretboard radius that is 12“ or above.

What radius is a Les Paul neck?

The 12″ radius of a Gibson Les Paul Traditional.

Is Gibson SG good for small hands?

The Gibson SG shape is perfect for small hands and Schecter takes this shape further with their Schecter S-II Custom TCB. The cutaway is the best feature as its very deep, so you’ll find it easy to play those harder to reach notes which can be a problem for shorter fingers.

How does neck radius affect playability?

A smaller (more curved) radius is generally perceived as more comfortable for playing chords; a larger (less curved) radius is generally considered better for single-note playing and bending.

What is a wide fat guitar neck?

The Wide Fat neck has the same nut width as the Wide Thin neck, but it has a deeper profile. Because of its strength and longer “heel”, the Wide Fat neck produces warm tones with lots of sustain. The Wide Thin neck has a thinner profile front to back than the Wide Fat.

What fretboard radius is best for small hands?

Is a Les Paul easier to play than a Stratocaster?

A big part of a guitar’s playability is due to string tension. The higher the string tension, the harder you need to work to press down and move the strings. A Les Paul has lower string tension when compared to a Strat with the same gauge strings. This makes a Les Paul easier to play.

How wide are Gibson necks?

Neck Width: Fender electric guitars usually have a neck width of around 1.65 inches (42mm). Necks on, Gibson guitars, for another example, are usually a little wider at 1.695 inches. A standard classical guitar for comparison is around 2 inches in width at the nut.

What guitar has the widest fretboard?

Top 10 Wide Neck Acoustic Guitars

  • Seagull S-6 Original.
  • Seagull Artist Mosaic.
  • Seagull Coastline Momentum HG Acoustic-Electric.
  • Seagull Performer CW Concert Hall Burnt Umber QIT Acoustic-Electric.
  • Takamine EF740FS TT Thermal Top Acoustic-Electric.
  • Yamaha C40II Classical Guitar.
  • Cordoba C4-CE Acoustic Electric Classical Guitar.