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What does WWW stand for Perfect Game?

What does WWW stand for Perfect Game?

Perfect Game also stands for quality, well run, well organized and well attended events. That same level of quality will remain the same in the future with the WWBA. In 2003, Perfect Game has or will run 27 different events around the country. Nine of those carried the WWBA name.

Where is the Perfect Game Tournament?

Date Event Location
Jun 19-20 12U Event Info LOVOTTI INC BASEBALL COMPLEX Stockton, CA
Jun 21-24 Jun 21-24 2021 PG 14U West Elite Championship 14U 16 Orange County Great Park Irvine, CAPerfect Game West Coast Orange County Great Park Irvine, CA Perfect Game West Coast PG National

What does Wwba mean in perfect game?

The WWBA is PG’s wood bat division. The BCS is PG’s metal bat division. No, PG does not have coaches check-in/meeting prior to tournament. They will receive their coaches packet at their first game. PG does not have any player check-in for tournaments.

What does Wwba mean in baseball?

World Wood Bat Association
Last week, the high school showcase circuit unofficially came to an end with the annual Perfect Game World Wood Bat Association (WWBA) World Championship in Fort Myers, Fla. The event is a team tournament, drawing players from all over the country.

What do you get at perfect game showcases?

Every participant at a Perfect Game showcase will be provided the opportunity to take part in a workout session, which typically includes a 60-yard dash and infield, outfield and catching throws to measure arm velocities, measure six important quantitative measure of the swing, along with a batting practice session.

Can a perfect game have an error?

A perfect game, by definition, is also a no-hitter, a win, and a shutout. A fielding error that does not allow a batter to reach base, such as a misplayed foul ball, does not spoil a perfect game.

What is DiamondKast?

DiamondKast is an online service that allows its users to follow along with DiamondKast tournament games as they are scored in real time. DiamondKast games can be followed using any device.

What does WWB stand for?


Acronym Definition
WWB Wildlife without Borders (US FWS)
WWB Women’s World Banking
WWB World Wide Broadcasting
WWB Wordperfect for Windows Button Bar