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What does Relay For Life mean?

What does Relay For Life mean?

Relay For Life brings the fight against cancer to your community. Relay For Life is the ultimate team fundraiser for the American Cancer Society that brings communities together to fight cancer. It’s an opportunity for us to remember loved ones lost and honor survivors of all cancers.

What happens at a Relay For Life event?

WHAT HAPPENS AT A RELAY FOR LIFE EVENT? Teams and individuals fundraise and take turns walking or running around a track or path. Music, games, food, fun and fundraising. Participants will take part in fundraising the months leading up to the event.

What are Relay For Life funds used for?

As the American Cancer Society’s most successful fundraiser and the organization’s signature event, the mission of Relay For Life is to raise funds to improve cancer survival, decrease the incidence of cancer, and improve the quality of life for cancer patients and their caretakers.

What type of event is Relay For Life?

peer-to-peer fundraising event
The American Cancer Society Relay For Life movement is the world’s largest peer-to-peer fundraising event dedicated to saving lives from cancer. For over 35 years, communities across the world have come together to honor and remember loved ones and take action for lifesaving change.

How do you plan a Relay For Life event?

Officially register for your Relay For Life event and pay the $10 registration fee. Personalize your individual Relay For Life Web page and send fundraising emails to your friends and family. Help your team reach its fundraising goal by setting and achieving a personal goal.

What are the colors for Relay For Life?

The main guidelines for relay participants use of the symbol are: Sun, moon, and star must be purple while American Cancer Society logo includes blue and red. When these colors aren’t possible, use black and purple or all black.

How long is a Relay For Life walk?

How long do I have to walk? The Relay For Life is a 24-hour walking/running relay event.

What do you do at the relay?

At Relay, teams gather with cancer survivors at their local track, stadium or sports field and take turns walking laps all night. Each team keeps at least one member on the track at all times, while all around them the party is in full swing.

Does Relay For Life cost money?

First, you must find a Relay for Life event in your area that you would like to participate in. You can join a team that is already established or you can create your own. Each participant must pay a $10 registration fee either online or through the local American Cancer Society (ACS) chapter.

Why do we Relay?

At Relay, every person in the community has a chance to celebrate, remember, and fight back. And every person who participates joins others around the globe as part of this worldwide movement to end cancer. Everyone’s reason to Relay is as unique as their own personal story.

Is Relay For Life legit?

It gives the cancer society an overall charity effectiveness score of 71.48 out of 100, giving it high marks (94) for its accountability and transparency. The watchdog gave the nonprofit a lower score (60.12) for its financial efficiency.

What is the purpose of a relay?

Relays are the switches which aim at closing and opening the circuits electronically as well as electromechanically. It controls the opening and closing of the circuit contacts of an electronic circuit.

How do you set up a Relay For Life?

How long of a walk is Relay For Life?

Who started Relay For Life?

Dr. Gordy Klatt
Founded by Dr. Gordy Klatt in Washington in 1985, Relay For Life events can last up 24 hours symbolizing the battle waged around the clock by those facing cancer. In the weeks and months leading up to the event, volunteers, teams and individuals use their creativity to raise cancer-fighting dollars.

Where does the money from Relay For Life go?

According to our most recent financial data, 73 cents of every dollar goes directly to research, prevention, detection, education, and patient support. The rest – about 27 cents – fuels supporting services for our lifesaving work to manage and fund those programs.

Is Relay For Life a good organization?

What to expect at a relay for life event?

Tent (s),marquees for your campsite

  • Hat,sunglasses,sunscreen and lip balm
  • Your Relay For Life shirt
  • Comfortable walking/running shoes
  • Warm clothing (pants,jackets,beanies,gloves,etc.)
  • Torch and spare batteries
  • Wet weather gear (raincoat,poncho,umbrella,etc.)
  • A change of clothes
  • How to join relay for life?

    Join our Relay For Life community on June 12, 2021 to show your support for everyone you love who’s been affected by cancer. Register today at or donate to the Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life in your community. About the Canadian

    What services are offered by relay for life?

    Relay For Life is a group that provides students with the opportunity to serve and praise Christ in a unique way. However, before we get into this, I’d like to talk more about the important connection between prayer and service. Prayer is the essence of the soul. It fuels service for others. As Christians, we are called to follow Christ’s example.

    What is the purpose of relay for life?

    Relay For Life events are life-changing cancer fundraising events that help communities across the globe fight back against cancer.