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What does ICS mean in airsoft?

What does ICS mean in airsoft?

ICS (I Chih Shivan) AEG’s are most famous for their split gearbox design.

Does airsoft use Picatinny rail?

Many airsoft guns modeled around modern firearms will feature a type of rail system: picatinny, MLOK, or Keymod. Each of them are distinct and have their pros and cons.

What does MWS mean in airsoft?

Modular Weapons System (MWS)

How good is ICS Airsoft brand?

Short for ‘I Chih Shivan’, the Taiwanese airsoft manufacturer ICS is one of the best airsoft gun brands in the world (after Tokyo Marui and Classic Army). The products signed by ICS are always of high-quality, full metal (in most cases) and durable, but the prices are quite affordable.

Where is ICS Airsoft located?

Established in 1983 in Taiwan, ICS is an experienced designer and producer of high quality and original looking airsoft replicas and accessories.

What does NGRS mean in airsoft?

This gun is a NGRS AEG version or a Next-Gen Recoil Shock. This means that the gearbox is slightly tweaked to offer recoil as well (which is not as strong). Above that the magazines also have some tweaks on them to offer a bolt catch as well.

Does ICS make good airsoft guns?

What is a split gearbox airsoft?

Split gearbox means, that this gearbox is designed as a two part, Upper and Lower. Having a split gearbox has many advantages. For example much more easy installation of the inner parts into the gearbox.

What guns have Picatinny rails?

With the military standardization in 1995, the popular M16A2 and M4 carbine version of military rifles were modified to begin including the Picatinny rail as standard equipment. Rails can be designed for the front handguard on these rifles in multiple positions (top, bottom, right or left side).

Do I need a Picatinny rail?

A major advantage to a picatinny rail is the amount of surface area the shooter has to mount the rings. With a two piece set, if you cannot get the correct eye relief, you need to use an extension base. With a picatinny rail, you can simply move to a different slot.