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What did Verin do Beldeine?

What did Verin do Beldeine?

Swearing fealty to the Dragon Verin has Beldeine brought to her for questioning. She uses a mild Compulsion on Beldeine and gives her instructions to follow. Sorilea brings Elza Penfell, Nesune Bihara, Sarene Nemdahl, Erian Boroleos and Beldeine to Rand after they beg to be allowed to swear fealty to him. Rand accepts.

Who is Galina in Wheel of Time?

Galina was second-in-command of the Supreme Council of Black Ajah, but this is likely to have changed because most believe her dead. As would be expected, she knows Alviarin Freidhen’s identity as Head of the Black Ajah, and is one of only three who know this (the others being Sedore and Velina).

Is elaida black?

She is revealed as Black Ajah by Doesine, Pevara, Saerin, Seaine and Yukiri when they force her to re-swear the three oaths. She claims that Elaida is also Black Ajah. Talene receives an order to appear before the Supreme Council, so Saerin hides her in a lower basement of the White Tower.

Is Anaiya Black Ajah?

Anaiya Carel (pronounced: ah-NYE-yah) was an Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah.

What happened to elaida in WOT?

Once serving as the influential yet unpopular Aes Sedai advisor to Andor and one of the most powerful Aes Sedai in the White Tower, Elaida deposed and replaced Siuan Sanche with only some of the Hall of the Tower present after it was revealed that she was trying to protect the Dragon Reborn.

Why was Anaiya killed Wheel of Time?

Halima was meant to be travelling with Cabriana when she died. So killing Annaiya and Kairen was primarily to cover her own tracks by killing the two who could most easily catch her out regarding her past.

Is Lan in love with moiraine?

Though some Aes Sedai marry their Warders, Moiraine and Lan are not romantically attached, despite their unique closeness. Yet their relationship is still one of the most important in the series, and will hopefully drive its story for seasons to come.