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What did Mendeecees say about holding Yandy down?

What did Mendeecees say about holding Yandy down?

Mendeecees Says ‘I Don’t Know’ When Asked By Yandy If He’d Hold Her Down If Their Roles Were Reversed (Video)

Did Yandy officially adopt infinity?

Yandy Smith is a mother to three beautiful kids, however one of them only recently became officially hers. During an event called The Winterland Bliss, the Love & Hip Hop: New York star revealed that she’s adopted her foster daughter, Infinity, and explained why it was important to bring her into her family originally.

Why did Yandys husband go to jail?

His wife and Love & Hip Hop co-star Yandy Smith-Harris was visibly overjoyed that her husband is finally a free man. Harris pleaded guilty to drug trafficking charges in April 2015 shortly before their televised wedding. The father reported to prison that December. He was later sentenced to eight years in prison.

What does Mendeecees Harris do for a living?

Record Producer
TV PersonalityReal estate entrepreneur
Mendeecees Harris/Professions

Why did Yandy get rid of infinity?

During a recent episode, Yandy and Infinity sat for a chat regarding Yandy sending Infinity back to her grandmother’s. Apparently, the decision came after Infinity’s relationship older person that Yandy deemed toxic and dangerous. “Infinity was in a very toxic relationship with an older person.

Did Yandy Smith legally adopt infinity?

In December 2019, Yandy revealed that she had officially adopted Infinity. In an interview with News 12 she said, “I just wanted to make a difference in Infinity’s life. I felt like it was important for her to have proper guidance. Fast forward to today, she is my big girl and I’m officially her mommy.”

How much is the yandy Mendeecee worth?

Personal Life: Yandy Smith has two children with real estate developer Mendeecees Harris – a son named Omare Harris (born on July 16, 2012) and a daughter named Skylar Harris (born on January 26, 2015)….Yandy Smith Net Worth.

Net Worth: $15 Million
Gender: Female

Is Mendeecees a drug dealer?

After recently coming home after spending four years behind bars for drug trafficking, the 42-year-old revealed that during his lifetime, he had been shot twice, stabbed 13 times and that his son was even targeted for kidnapping as a result of his drug dealings.