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What did Jay Z say to Nas?

What did Jay Z say to Nas?

Jay Z and Nas’ feud was sparked over a Memphis Bleek lyric in 2000’s ‘My Mind Right’, causing the rapper to respond to both Bleek and Jay Z on future mixtape tracks. The feud escalated further when Jay Z called Nas “lame” on 2001’s ‘The Takeover’, prompting Nas to take aim at Jay on ‘Ether’.

What song did Jay Z make about Nas?

Jay-Z wasn’t going down without a fight, however, and soon after responded on his song “Supa Ugly,” in which Jay-Z implied that he had a three-year-long affair with Nas’ girlfriend, Carmen Bryan.

Which is Nas best song?

Top 10 Nas Songs

  • It Ain’t Hard To Tell. “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” is the epitome of East Coast hip hop during its golden era.
  • The World Is Yours. “The World Is Yours” is one of the most iconic tracks in hip hop history.
  • One Mic.
  • Rewind.
  • Got Ur Self A.
  • Daughters.
  • N.Y.
  • Nas Is Like.

Does J Cole have a song with Nas?

“Let Nas Down” is a song by American hip hop recording artist J. Cole, taken from his second studio album Born Sinner (2013). The song was produced by Cole himself as a dedication to one of his idols, fellow American rapper Nas, with whom Cole was often compared to early in his career.

Did Jay-Z lose to Nas?

“Ether” Feud, According To Lenny S. Elijah C. Watson.

Did Jay-Z and Nas Squash Beef?

Jay-Z and Nas’ beef was historical and nearly just as monumental as their reconciliation. The New York City rap icons’ static dates back to the late 1990s, with a couple of incidents and disses that transpired after Hov released his first album, Reasonable Doubt, and when Esco dropped It Was Written.

Who won Nas and Jay-Z beef?

At one point, they even took a poll about the beef, with 58% of listeners saying they preferred “Ether” to “Supa Ugly”. The consensus seemed to point to Nas as the winner.

Who came first Nas or Wu Tang?

To add to that list, Nas made history as the first non-Wu Tang Clan member to feature on one of their albums, when he appeared on “Verbal Intercourse” on Chef’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… which is one of the greatest guest verses in rap history.

What made Nas famous?

He dropped out of school in the eighth grade and searched for a creative outlet, finally settling on hip-hop. His breakthrough came in 1992, when his song “Half Time” (credited to Nasty Nas) appeared on the soundtrack to the film Zebrahead. Columbia Records soon signed him to a contract.

Which J. Cole song did Nas hate?

Work Out.
J. Cole famously released the song “Let Nas Down” after learning that Nas hated his single “Work Out.” He has also called Nas one of his favorite rappers of all time and tweeted his appreciation numerous times.

Is J. Cole friends with Nas?

Throughout his career, Cole has embraced concepts. He has also been transparent about his deep respect for Nas.

Is Nas worth a billion dollars?

Nas has sold over 25 million records worldwide, which is an incredible achievement; and As of 2022, Nas’ net worth is $70 million, making him one of the richest rappers in the world.

Who won the Jay-Z Vs Nas beef?

Jay-Z Accepted His Loss To Nas During “Takeover” Vs. “Ether” Feud, According To Lenny S.

Are Jay-Z and Nas friends now?

Nas and JAY-Z have worked and partied together over the years, but true rap fans know they weren’t always as friendly as they are today. The New York rap legends were once embroiled in a rap feud that the “I Can” emcee says he was “honored” to have been a part of.

Is Nas still signed to Jay-Z?

After years of verbal jousting followed by a shocking public truce, bitter rivals Jay-Z and Nas have sealed their peace with a recording deal. According to The New York Times, the long-rumored deal bringing Nas to the Jay-Z-led Def Jam Recordings label has been completed, turning the former foes into business partners.