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What carbs replace Quadrajet?

What carbs replace Quadrajet?

Holley/MSD is thrilled to announce the release of Sniper EFI Systems for Quadrajet applications, which eliminate the need to continually rebuild 50-plus-year-old Quadrajet carburetors on classic Chevys, Pontiacs, Buicks, Oldsmobiles, and GMCs.

How many CFM is a Quadrajet?

Quadrajets can range anywhere in between 600 and 800 CFM. Most are rated 750 CFM or higher. Quadrajets are used by many GM street car enthusiasts; however, they are also disliked by just about as many.

Are Quadrajet carburetors any good?

The truth is, a properly tuned Quadrajet can be just as efficient and reliable as a bolt-on substitute performance carburetor. And because they were used on so many original-equipment applications, they are readily available from many used parts suppliers at a very reasonable cost.

Are Rochester Quadrajets any good?

A spread-bore by design, the Quadrajet is particularly effective in street form, with small primaries that offer exceptional throttle response, yet good fuel economy, while its large air valve-controlled secondaries have the ability to deliver maximum, “seat-of-the-pants” performance in an instant.

What is a spread bore carburetor?

Typical four-barrel carburetors are set up as either square-bore or spread-bore designs. The square-bore carbs have equally spaced and sized throttle bores while spread-bore carbs have two smaller primary bores and two larger secondary bores.

What is a divorced choke on a carburetor?

Divorced Choke – In a divorced choke set-up, the metal spring is located in the intake manifold. The spring connects to the carburetor with a small rod. The spring is warmed by exhaust gases flowing through the crossover passage. Hot-Air Choke – In a hot air choke set-up, the metal spring is located in its own housing.

What causes a carburetor to run rich?

A rich fuel mixture (too much fuel for the amount of air in the cylinder) can cause an engine to load up at idle, foul the spark plugs, and also lack power or run sluggish. There are several different methods to determine if the air/fuel mixture is correct, among them are the following: 1.

Is Quadrajet a square bore?

The Quadrajet is a “spread bore” carburetor; the primary venturis are much smaller than the secondary venturis. By comparison, a “square bore” carburetor has primary and secondary venturis of similar size.