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What are the five developmental disabilities?

What are the five developmental disabilities?

Examples of developmental disabilities include autism, behavior disorders, brain injury, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, fetal alcohol syndrome, intellectual disability, and spina bifida.

What are three types of developmental disabilities?

Some types of developmental disorders include: ADHD. Autism spectrum disorder. Cerebral palsy.

What is a DDP in disability?

Each Developmental Disability Professional (DDP) has a specified schedule or contract with sufficient hours per week to meet the duties of the DDP and level of need for individuals receiving services, which includes but are not limited to: 1. Overseeing the services and supports provided to individuals that include: a.

What are the main types of disabilities?

1 – Mobility and Physical Impairments.

  • 2 – Spinal Cord Disability.
  • 3 – Head Injuries – Brain Disability.
  • 4 – Vision Disability.
  • 5 – Hearing Disability.
  • 6 – Cognitive or Learning Disabilities.
  • 7 – Psychological Disorders.
  • 8 – Invisible Disabilities.
  • What are the most common types of developmental disabilities?

    The most common developmental disability is intellectual disability. Cerebral palsy is the second most common developmental disability, followed by autism spectrum disorder. Other developmental disabilities may include: Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

    What does Dphhs stand for?

    Department of Public Health and Human Services
    DPHHS – Department of Public Health and Human Services, a state of Montana government department that develops programs and provides oversight for health and human services for the people of Montana.

    What does QDDP stand for?

    QDDP – Qualified Developmental Disability Professionals or QIDP – Qualified Intellectual Disability Pofessionals (a.k.a., Case Managers) working in ICF-I/DD programs are responsible for the overall supervision and coordination of active programs and services for persons with developmental disabilities.

    Is ADHD a intellectual disability?

    ADHD is considered a developmental disability, not a learning disability. Accommodations can often be made in the classroom or work environment to help people with ADHD be more successful. Therapy and medications are also helpful for managing the symptoms of ADHD.

    What is a POC child?

    “POC” is a general umbrella term that collectively refers to all People of Color — anyone who isn’t white. But because the term is so broad, it tends to lose some of its power, particularly when used to discuss the specific, separate experiences faced by People of Color with different ethnic backgrounds.

    What does CFSD stand for?

    Cubic Feet Per Second-Day.