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What are flexible shafts used for?

What are flexible shafts used for?

Flexible shafts are mechanical power-transmission devices used to transmit rotary motion through bends and curves. They can be routed over, under, and around obstacles which would be otherwise impossible for a solid shaft — and costly for universal joints.

What is flexi shaft?

The flex shaft is a motorized machine designed to assist with drilling, cutting, carving, and polishing jewelry. This article will familiarize novice jewelers with basic options and attachments for this versatile tool.

When was the flex shaft invented?

In 1879, Nelson Stow invented and patented flexible shafting, a method of transmitting power from a remote source to a controllable mechanism. Almost one-hundred-and-forty years later, the Flexible Shaft continues to solve application challenges that couldn’t even be dreamt of back then.

What is a Dremel flex shaft?

The Dremel Flex Shaft features a flexible 36-inch cable with a 5-inch bend radius, allowing you to comfortably reach your work in a variety of angles. The ergonomic comfort grip hand-piece reduces fatigue and allows for fingertip control to cut, grind, sand, sharpen, polish and more.

How does a flexible shaft grinder work?

Flexible Shaft Grinder When the motor is switched on considerable power is transmitted with negligible friction to the end of the flexible shaft where a grinding, cutting or buffing wheel is attached. The biggest benefit of Flexible shaft grinder is its possibility to operate in restricted areas at constant speed.

How does Flexible shafting transmit power?

A flexible shaft transmits rotary motion much like a solid shaft. But, it can be routed over, under, and around obstacles that would make using a solid shaft impractical. A “Flexible Shaft Assembly” consists of a rotating shaft (sometimes called a core) with metal end fittings for attachment to mating parts.

What is shaft tool?

They are popular accessories for handheld rotary tools, and integral parts of rotary tools with a remote motor, which are called “flexible shaft tools”. They are used to transmit power to some sheep shears. They are also sold to connect panel knobs to remote potentiometers or other variable electronic components.