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What are examples of government and public administration careers?

What are examples of government and public administration careers?

Government and public administration careers include:

  • Elected official (city council, mayor, governor, etc.)
  • City manager.
  • Lobbyist.
  • Legislative assistant.
  • Military member (Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard)
  • Foreign service, diplomatic or consular officer.
  • Planner.
  • Census clerk.

Where do public administrators work?

People with jobs in public administration work for local and state governments, the federal government, educational institutions, the private sector, nonprofit organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Jobs in public administration are performed both in the United States and abroad.

Is a degree in public administration worth it?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the MPA jobs outlook for healthcare administrators is strong. Between 2016 and 2026, medical and health service manager jobs should grow by about 20 percent—which ismuch faster than average, and very positive for anyone considering a master of public administration.

What can I do after BA in public administration?

B.A. – Public Administration Career Options and Job Prospects

  1. Teacher.
  2. Corporate Manager.
  3. Consultant.
  4. Management Analyst.
  5. Social Worker.
  6. Customs Inspector.

What is public administration example?

The following are common examples of public administration….71 Examples of Public Administration.

Agriculture Ambulance Services
Economic Measurement & Analysis Education
Emergency Management Agencies Employment Agencies & Programs
Energy Agencies Environmental Protection
Fire Departments Foreign Policy