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Was Judy Garland Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz?

Was Judy Garland Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz?

In 1938 when she was sixteen, Garland was cast as the young Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz (1939), a film based on the 1900 children’s book by L. Frank Baum. In the film, she sang the song with which she would be constantly identified afterward, “Over the Rainbow”.

How much did Judy Garland get paid for playing Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz?

Despite the fact that Garland was the lead, she only made $500 per week for her work. Meanwhile, Scarecrow Ray Bolger and Tin Man Jack Haley were each making around $3,000 per week, CBR reported. Bert Lahr (Cowardly Lion) wasn’t far behind them at $2,500 per week.

How many dresses did Judy Garland wear in The Wizard of Oz?

The 16-year-old Garland wore multiple blue gingham dresses with white blouses during the filming of the movie in 1938; a curator at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History said last year that there are six authenticated dresses, each with Garland’s name and a wardrobe number written in it.

Was Judy Garland put on a diet for Wizard of Oz?

Judy Garland Was Put on a Strict Diet and Encouraged to Take “Pep Pills” While Filming ‘The Wizard of Oz’ The studio took extreme measures to make sure the actress was big screen ready. A move that eventually resulted in her early death.

How much did Margaret Hamilton make in The Wizard of Oz?

For her single line, she was paid $1,000.

Who owns Dorothy’s dress?

Catholic University insisted that it — not the estate of a late priest and drama professor — is the “rightful owner” of a once long-lost dress worn by Judy Garland in the classic film “The Wizard of Oz.” The Washington, D.C., university said a lawsuit filed by the niece of the Rev.

What happened to The Wizard of Oz dress?

Judge blocks auction of long-lost ‘Wizard of Oz’ dress worn by Judy Garland. Auctioneer Bonhams had listed a presale estimate of $800,000 to $1.2 million for the dress before it was withdrawn.

How many cigarettes did Judy Garland smoke while filming The Wizard of Oz?

She was even forced to smoke up to 80 cigarettes a day to suppress her appetite. Not only was she forced to maintain this extreme weight control plan while filming The Wizard of Oz, but Garland also had to wear a corset and tape down her breasts to appear younger.

What happened to Judy Garland filming The Wizard of Oz?

As a teen star in the fantasy musical, Garland was told to lose weight for her role as Dorothy and was given amphetamines to do so. According to TV Over Mind, MGM Studio boss Louis Mayer put her on a diet of chicken soup, black coffee, and a steady supply of cigarettes to suppress her appetite.

How old was Judy when she played Dorothy?

Her best known role was that of Dorothy, at 17, in the 1939 film “The Wizard of Oz” — in which she sang the song which became her trademark: “Over the Rainbow.”

Who died on the set of Wizard of Oz?

John Joseph Haley Jr.

Jack Haley
Died June 6, 1979 (aged 81) Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Occupation Actor comedian dancer radio host singer vaudevillian
Years active 1924–1977
Known for The Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz (1939)