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Should I salvage or sell gw2?

Should I salvage or sell gw2?

If L68+, salvage with using silver-fed or Mystic kits (or Master’s Kit). (You can choose to sell Greatswords, Staffs, and Swords, too, at near lowest-sell price, if you have time.) L67 or less: most people salvage with copper-fed/basic, but I’d recommend selling if you can get 10s+.

Can you sell trophies gw2?

Junk trophies are intended solely to be sold to an NPC. Some of them contribute to the Trash Collector achievement the first time they are acquired. Such items, which have no other useful purpose, will be automatically sold when you press the “Sell Junk” button on the NPC’s Sell dialog.

How do I get back pieces in gw2?

Unlike most other equipment types, back items are not widely available as loot or on the Trading Post. However, back items may be acquired from various vendors, as personal story and Living World story rewards, from using the Mystic Forge, and through crafting disciplines (starting at level 1).

How do I make real money in Guild Wars 2?

Guild Wars 2: 10 Best Ways To Earn Gold In The Game

  1. 1 META Map Event Farming. Required Level: 80 (Usually)
  2. 2 Get Trade Post Flipping.
  3. 3 Convert Currency (Not Just Gems)
  4. 4 Brave The Fractals.
  5. 5 Get On The World Bosses/Champions Train.
  6. 6 Sell Crafting Materials.
  7. 7 Complete Those Dailies Regularly.
  8. 8 Keep A Bag-Opener.

Should I salvage rare items gw2?

Rares below level 65 are always sold, since they have only an extremely low chance to give Ectos and they tend to sell for more than the material costs that you get from salvaging them.

Can I sell collection items gw2?

Right-click the item. If it opens the respective collection and is shown as already added, that means you no longer need it. If the item has a value, sell it. If it can’t be sold, delete it.

How do I make gold fast in gw2?

You can salvage and/or sell these for gold. Rewards for challenge modes are even higher. Each tier of daily achievements provides around 5 gold. Completing every daily fractal on T4 will net you ~25 gold for an hour of your time (down to 30 minutes if you have a good group and the fractals are fast).

Is there an auction house in Guild Wars 2?

1. Click on the Lion icon on the top left of the page to go to Auction House.

What do you do with rare items in gw2?

Rare: Keep weapons above level 75 to throw into mystic forge in groups of 4 (underwater/offhand I consider the same group) – you may want to sell them on the trade post instead for money. Salvage armor. Salvage level 68-75 weapons.

Is the Black Lion salvage kit Unlimited?

The Black Lion Salvage kit is the best salvage kit in the game when it comes to the %’s it recovers for you. It only has 25 uses. Copper-fed Salvage-o-matic is an unlimited use Salvage kit, you pay 3c per use, it’s a Basic Salvage kit, but you’ll never have to run to a merchant for kits again.

Should I salvage Ascended gear?

No, it shouldn’t, it already increased the value of legendaries, so you’re not somehow left behind. If you don’t need it then salvage or delete it. If you don’t want to then keep hoarding for no reason or just don’t go for legendary gear and keep using ascended items.

Do people buy trophies?

If you have trophies made with valuable materials, you can put them up for sale on online platforms like eBay.