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Should I hand over Bernard AC Valhalla?

Should I hand over Bernard AC Valhalla?

Count Odo also says you handled the matter with grace, and when you meet Bernard later on, he will be slightly more trusting of your presence since you didn’t hand him over the first time. Ultimately, the decision you make really comes down to what you think it’s the best course of action.

How do I beat Odo Valhalla?

How to Defeat Count Odo. Count Odo uses a giant shield and an even bigger sword to fight. You might think his attacks would be slow as a result, but he’s actually quite nimble. You’ll need to keep your finger on the Square/X button in order to stay prepared to dodge his attacks.

How do you get into count Odos room?

The Count is inside the building but behind a locked door. Players have to locate the NPC with the key (who is upstairs) and retrieve it. Once they unlock the door, Count Odo is just upstairs in the study where a cutscene will start.

What happens if you don’t give Charlie his son?

If you choose not to hand over the boy to King Charles, Charles will become infuriated and begin a fit of rage, before Sigfred interferes and forces Charles into silence. However, Charles will state that the matter is not over between him and Eivor.

What should eivor say to Charles the Fat?

Charles must die – Eivor says Charles dishonored all his allies and refuses to swear an oath to spare him. Richardis says this path will not ensure the safety of your people. Even if you select this response, you can still choose to spare him during the next quest.

Can you romance Toka?

The other visitor, Toka, cannot be romanced – even though she and Eivor become close allies. In order to romance Pierre you must have The Siege of Paris DLC and complete the main quests until you reach ‘Skal!’ It isn’t necessary to do any of Pierre’s resistance quests in order to unlock the romance.

Is it wise to trust Odo?

In this cutscene, you can tell Toka that Odo has honor, that it’s never wise to trust someone not of your own, or that what the future holds is unknown. This doesn’t affect much beyond the next few lines of dialogue so choose whichever you think your Eivor would say.

Should I fight Sigurd Valhalla?

Sigurd can’t hurt you so there’s really nothing to this boss fight. Just wack him a couple times with whatever weapon you’d like. Seriously, he can’t hurt you. Let him try — he’ll hit you and knock you down, but it won’t do any damage.

What happens if you give Charles his son?

“You may have the boy.” If you choose to give the boy to Charles, Bernard will be happy enough about it, since he doesn’t know the true nature of his father yet. Charles will welcome him into his arms and all will seem well, for now.

Are Roland and Therese siblings?

Roland & Therese For the most part, this worked out fairly well. However, there were some plot lines that became entirely abandoned – and one such plot point revolved around the French siblings, Roland and Therese. This conniving duo plotted to reveal Count Odo’s plans to appoint himself Emperor of France.

Can u romance Toka?

How old is eivor in Siege of Paris?

The main part of the game begins in 872 CE, by which point Eivor is supposed to be a 25-year-old Viking. The course of the story takes place over a year, thereby aging her up once again, although she still remained very young in the main plotline.