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Is Zojirushi a good rice cooker?

Is Zojirushi a good rice cooker?

It’s not the cheapest model on the market, but the 5.5 cup (cups of uncooked rice, that is) capacity Zojirushi Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer is one of our top picks for a reason.

Is an induction rice cooker better?

Induction heating improves rice cookers in three main ways: The temperature-sensing methods can be more accurate, allowing for fine-tuned adjustments in temperature. The heat distribution area can encompass the inner cooking pan, not just radiate upwards from below, to produce more evenly cooked food.

Is Zojirushi a good brand?

The Zojirushi is a high-end appliance with a high price tag to match. Retailing for roughly $280, the rice cooker is one of the more expensive models on the market, but as we mentioned, its functionality is far superior to basic rice cookers. If you each rice often enough, it’s likely worth the investment.

What does Zojirushi mean in Japanese?

1961. Name is changed to Zojirushi Corporation and the elephant is adopted as the corporate logo; ZO means elephant in Japanese, which symbolizes strength, intelligence and familiarity.

Whats so good about Zojirushi?

This Zojirushi rice cooker comes in brown stainless steel and has a handle that makes it easy to move from cupboard to countertop. The nonstick inner pot has large, easy-to-read markings that indicate how much water to add for white rice, brown rice, sushi rice, sweet rice, and porridge.

Why are induction rice cookers so expensive?

Because of their advanced technology, induction rice cookers cost much more than traditional electric ones—I paid $273 for this Zojirushi, while my fiancé only paid $70 for our old Panasonic. However, the quality of the rice I’ve cooked with induction has convinced me it’s worth the price.

Is the zojurishi np-nvc10 AI rice cooker any good?

Zojurishi’s top-of-the-line rice cooker boasts several features, including artificial intelligence (AI) for you to cook perfect rice. But do all the bells and whistles—not to mention countless number of buttons—of this unit actually make a good meal? This Zojurish NP-NVC10 review breaks down all you need to know about this machine.

What is the best Zojirushi rice cooker?

Hailed as the best advanced Zojirushi rice cooker, the NP NVC10 is, arguably, the most intelligent rice cooker in the market today. This is because its advanced fuzzy logic technology “learns” and adjusts the cooking cycle depending on the menu setting you choose from.

What is Zojirushi Corporation?

In 2018, Zojirushi Corporation celebrated its 100th anniversary, and a century of products designed to improve customers’ quality of life-bringing comfort, ease, vitality and affluence to people around the world.

What is the best rice cooker for beginners?

Zojirushi is known for producing highly advanced rice cookers that incorporate modern technology to deliver quality performance. Many of their models, like the NS-ZCC18, make use of fuzzy logic technology for a better cooking experience.