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Is Trunks stronger than Vegeta?

Is Trunks stronger than Vegeta?

Trunks is slightly weaker than Vegeta but is able to take on Cell after he absorbs 17. In this form Trunks is even more powerful than Vegeta. Vegeta is capable of using this form as well be he the draw backs from it’s bulky appearance along with Goku.

Is Trunks more powerful than Goku?

Manga Future trunks at full power is nearly as strong as Goku SSJ3. Him being able to somewhat hold is own after a bit of a power up makes a lot more sense, but in the manga we do not know if he does yet or not.

What level Super Saiyan is future trunks?

17 Ultra Super Saiyan (Super Saiyan Third Grade) Future Trunks. There was an exciting period in Dragon Ball Z during the Cell Saga when all sorts of half-stages of Super Saiyan were being discovered. Future Trunks becomes a big champion for the Ultra Super Saiyan stage, which offers a huge boost of power.

Is Ultra Trunks stronger than Cell?

Sure Trunks was stronger than Cell but he didn’t dominate while trying to stop him. When Cell becomes perfect, Trunks claims that he’s stronger than Vegeta.

Is SSJ rage stronger than SSB?

For example, this is the case of Super Saiyan Rage which is clear it’s stronger than Super Saiyan 2 for example, and apparently stronger than Super Saiyan Blue considering how Trunks performed against Fused Zamasu versus how Goku and Vegeta in Super Saiyan Blue did, but from there on it doesnt seem to be data which …

Is SSJ rage God Ki?

No matter how you look at it, the fact of the matter is that Super Saiyan Rage utilizes God Ki.

Who can defeat Trunks?

Dragon Ball: 5 Characters Who Are Weaker In Future Trunks’ Timeline (& 5 Who Are Stronger)

  1. 1 Stronger: Mai.
  2. 2 Weaker: Gohan.
  3. 3 Stronger: Bulma.
  4. 4 Weaker: Goku.
  5. 5 Stronger: Zamasu.
  6. 6 Weaker: Android 17.
  7. 7 Stronger: Trunks.
  8. 8 Weaker: Cell.

Is Future Trunks stronger than Goten?

Trunks has been known for being stronger than Goten because he is older than him and in Dragon Ball GT he is outer space on thev search for the Black Star Dragon Balls while Goten is left behind by accedent making it seen that as Trunks is outer space on a mission he gets stronger and could have supaced Goten.

Are half Saiyans stronger than Saiyan?

Yes, without a doubt half blood Saiyans are stronger than full blood Saiyans because even Goku had to admit that Gohan was stronger than him and Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super.

How did Trunks beat 17 and 18?

He discovered a device made by Dr. Gero which turned off the androids. In the Daizenshuu, it was indicated that he had taken back with him a remote shut off for #17 and #18 from the present and defeated them that way.

Is USS trunks stronger than Vegeta?

USS Trunks is too slow to even land a hit, which is why Vegeta and Goku never bothered with the forms. USS Trunks is stronger than Super Vegeta, strong enough to kill Perfect Cell, but it’s pointless if he can’t catch him. If USSJ was stronger than Perfect Cell, and Perfect Cell no-sold Vegeta’s kick to his neck, Vegeta can not injure Trunks.

How did trunks surpass Vegeta in strength?

Trunks did not surpass Vegeta. In his lack of combat experience, he buffed up his ‘strength’ that he had been holding back believing Vegeta had not attained the same, but found out that his ‘power’ was worthless. Cell even goes to show that he could do the same as Trunks if he wished as it is a very simple change.

Who would win in a fight trunks or Super Vegeta?

Trunks should win this fight. Trunks was strong enough and durable enough to take on Perfect Cell, where Super Vegeta wasn’t. Trunks lost because he wasn’t fast enough to keep up with Cell, where Vegeta not only wasn’t strong enough to hurt Cell(besides taking the time to power up the Final Flash) but he wasn’t fast enough for Cell either.