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Is time internet good in Malaysia?

Is time internet good in Malaysia?

As mentioned earlier, TIME Internet has been certified by Ookla to be Malaysia’s most consistent broadband provider, based on its Speedtest Intelligence data from Q1 2020 through Q2 2021.

Is time under Telekom Malaysia?

Entry-level packages from Telekom Malaysia (TM), TIME dotcom (TIME), Maxis, and Celcom are now priced below RM100 after the implementation of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission’s (MCMC) Mandatory Standard on Access Pricing (MSAP).

Which is better Unifi or time?

In terms of speed The 1 Gbps package from Time also downloads speeds up to 1 Gbps but upload speeds up to 500 Mbps. The fastest package from Unifi is download speed up to 300 Mbps and upload speed up to 50 Mbps. No package is the same in terms of download and upload speeds from Unifi.

How do I contact my time Internet service provider?

Please contact us at 1800 18 1818 or [email protected] for further details.

What is the fastest WiFi in Malaysia?

What Is The Fastest Internet Speed In Malaysia? TIME Fibre 1Gbps currently offers the fastest internet speed that is readily available in Malaysia. ViewQwest also offers the same speed but is only available in a very small area.

Which fiber internet is best in Malaysia?

Top 10+ Best Internet Service Providers in Malaysia

  • Unifi AirTM.
  • Maxis OneBusiness Fibre.
  • Celcom Business Wireless.
  • Celcom Business AllShare.
  • Go Digi WiFi.
  • U Mobile Postpaid Broadband.
  • Yes SoHo.
  • YTL Broadband Bbiz.

Is Telekom same as Unifi?

TMgo has been rebranded as unifi mobile in January 2018.

Is time using TM fibre?

The move the move has allowed time to reduce reliance on TM’s copper network and forced TIME to implement its own fibre optic network instead. Being vastly different in size (TM has a market capitalisation of approximately RM10b compared to TIME at RM5b), TIME opted to strike where the money was.

Is Time Broadband Unlimited?

This is one of the FASTEST home internet broadband plans in Malaysia – no other comes close! TIME Fibre Home Broadband plan comes with an unlimited data quota for all your internet needs.

How do I cancel internet time Malaysia?

How do I terminate my subscription? Contact us at 1800 18 1818 or [email protected]. We will send you a service termination form, which you will have to complete and return to the same email address. Please note that we require a one (1) month termination notice.

Why is the internet so slow in Malaysia?

Malaysia internet is slow because telekom malaysia throttled the speed down. Speed is reduced to protect corporate dedicated bandwidth premium service pricing.

Is unifi a Celcom?

Overview. UniFi Mobile operates 4G WiMAX, 4G LTE and 4G LTE-A networks, and sharing spectrum from Celcom with 2G EDGE networks. In March 2007, P1 was one of four companies awarded 2.3 GHz spectrum licenses by the Malaysian government to deploy 4G WiMAX services throughout Malaysia.

Is Unifi mobile under Celcom?

Olivia Song. Unifi Mobile users can look forward to a wider 4G LTE coverage, thanks to a new agreement between Webe Digital and Celcom. The agreement will see Celcom providing Unifi Mobile with 4G domestic roaming and MOCN (Multi-Operator Core Network) services for three years.

Is Time broadband Unlimited?

Which Internet speed is faster in Malaysia?

For this market analysis in Q3 2021, TIME dot com was the fastest fixed broadband provider among top providers in Malaysia with a speed up to 120.10Mbit/s. While, the fastest mobile operator among top providers in Malaysia is DiGi, the speed up to 33.19Mbit/s.