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Is there a lightweight Sheetrock?

Is there a lightweight Sheetrock?

Lightweight ½” drywall for sale first came on the market in 2010, relieving installers from the weight of standard drywall and other wallboards. The first developer of lightweight drywall, United States Gypsum Corporation, gave it the brand name Sheetrock UltraLight.

What is the lightest sheet rock?

What Is Greenboard Drywall and How Is It Used? Ultralight drywall is a generic term for a building material that is about 25 percent lighter than standard drywall. A panel of 1/2-inch thick ultralight drywall weighs 13 pounds less than standard 1/2-inch thick drywall sheets.

Is lightweight Sheetrock vs regular?

Lightweight: Lightweight drywall is generally used the same way as standard drywall, but it’s easier to carry and hang because it’s 25% lighter. Fire-Resistant: This type of drywall normally contains chopped fiberglass in its core for extra fire resistance.

What can I use instead of drywall?

Drywall Alternatives

  • Wood Planks. Wood planks are an age-old drywall alternative that has certainly stood the test of time well.
  • Veneer Plaster.
  • Lath & Plaster.
  • Plywood and Sheet Wood.
  • Texture Wall Panels.
  • Brick & Masonry.
  • Exposed Concrete Block.
  • Cement Board.

Is ultralight drywall good for soundproofing?

You can use these wallboards anywhere type X boards are not needed to reduce noise or act as fire resistance. You could use the standard 5/8″ drywall where you want a more soundproof room. And use the Ultralight for the rooms where noise reduction is not an issue.

Can you use ultralight drywall on ceilings?

Pros of Lightweight Plus, relatively unskilled homeowners find their DIY projects easier to complete. Other benefits of lightweight drywall include: Use on walls and ceilings where codes do not require fire-rated material* Use on ceilings with studs up to 24 inches on-center.

How much does a 4×8 sheet of lightweight drywall weigh?

All lightweight drywall is manufactured with a 1/2-inch thickness, though it is available in lengths of eight, nine, 10 or 12 feet. Because it weighs 25 percent less than standard drywall, you can expect these size sheets to range in weight from 40.8, 45.9, 51 or 61.2 pounds, respectively.

What is the thinnest drywall you can buy?

1/4-Inch Drywall
1/4-Inch Drywall: The thinnest of all the options, 1/4-inch drywall is most commonly used as a skimming material. Mount it over an existing layer of wall to refresh the look and hide old blemishes. It’s ideal for walls with a subtle curve to them.

What is light weight drywall used for?

drywall thickness, lightweight is ideal for ceilings that have joists 24 inches on center. Regular 1/2-in. drywall has always been approved for use on 24-in. spacing on ceiling framing, but because of heavy sagging insulation, wet ceiling textures, or higher humidity, either a 1/2-in.

Whats cheaper than drywall?

Plywood and Sheet Wood Plywood is the cheapest alternative to drywall on this list and allows you to finish a room with a certain flair without taking on the expenses of wood planks, veneer or drywall.

What can I use on walls instead of drywall?

Finishing-grade plywood with veneers such as maple or birch can be an excellent – and quick to install – alternative to drywall for wall finishing. Rather than using drywall compound and paper tape for joints, they are usually covered with a thin wood trim.

What is an alternative to Sheetrock?

How thin can you get Sheetrock?

The ¼” drywall size is the thinnest drywall available; however, there are multiple thicknesses to choose from. Anything from ¼” all the way up to ⅝” is available at your local hardware store, or through special order from a manufacturer of construction supplier.

Is there an alternative to drywall?